Rainn Wilson to host SNL on Feb. 24

Moving this back to the front page to remind you this is tonight!

As GMMR reported today, Rainn Wilson is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on February 24!

Arcade Fire is the musical guest.

Can’t wait to see what Office parody they come up with …

Source: TV Guide and TV.com. Tipsters: Stacey, Gruel omelette.


  1. Such ****ing great news. SNL still has some magic left as shown by the Timberlake episode a few weeks ago and I think Rainn will be great in showing a range of characters thanks to his stage backround

  2. I love Rainn so much! This is wonderful! Do we think other Office cast members could cameo? That’d be the perfect SNL!

  3. Tanster…do you think Amy Poehler will play Pam? I bet she can pull some great Jenna moves after making that movie with her this summer.

    And I think that guy that does Weekend Update will play Jim.

  4. Amy Poehlor would have to play Pam[also because she co stars with Jenna in Blades of Glory], Andy Samberg would probably be Jim, and my best guesses for Michael would likely be either Bill Hader or Jason Sudeikis. Maybe Maya Rudolph as Karen?

  5. Ah! This is so exciting!

    Okay, here’s who should play who in an Office spoof:
    * Darrell Hammond- Michael
    * Andy Samberg- Jim
    * Maya Rudolph- Karen
    * Seth Meyers- Ryan
    * Amy Poehler- Pam
    * Fred Armisen- Oscar or Toby
    * Will Forte- Dwight (if Rainn doesn’t)
    * Kenan Thompson- Stanley
    * Kristen Wiig- Angela (or Jan)

  6. I love how NBC supports its own shows. While we all know who Rainn is (and how great he’ll be as a host), he is a moderately well-known actor on a moderately well-known TV show. My guess is that if he was on ABC or CBS, he probably wouldn’t be getting the hosting gig. I’m not complaining at all, don’t get me wrong-this just makes me love NBC and SNL a whole bunch. :)

  7. CTF, I see Amy Poehler playing Angela and Kristen Wiig as Pam. (Kristen plays the Kmart lady and one half of that annoyingly clueless boyfriend/girlfriend pair.)

  8. Best. News. Of all time. Ever.
    Rainn Rules. SNL (for the most part) Rules. 2+2=4 baby.

    P.S. I love Kristen Wiig, she is hilarious! Like Molly Shannon, Gilda Radner hilarious.
    P.P.S. That math was irrelevant, yet appropriate.

  9. Can we now allow ourselves to get greedy and hope that Jenna will be the next Office SNL guest, coming on to promote Blades of Glory?[assuming that Will Ferrell or Jon Heder can’t do it- but I’d be okay with Will Arnett coming on to promote it if he was offered]

  10. Parody of a mockumentary. It has never been attempted, and the whole universe may implode due to it, but at least we get to see Rainn on SNL.

  11. I would say Jason Sudekis as Jim, if anyone saw 30 rock last night when he made a cameo… he kinda is an older version of Jim, plus he makes the faces.

  12. Tanster, I totally imagined Amy playing Angela as well. It would be funny to see Amy with Dwight!

  13. Oh SNL..may God bless you with better writers…but anyway, whatever they give Rainn he’s going to do great…I mean come on! He’s Rainn freaking Wilson! :)

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