1. Did anyone else notice that they spelled John’s name wrong? It’s KRASINSKI not KRASINSKY.

    ugh, that irks me. :[
    but what doesn’t irk me is the fact that she’s NOT going out with him.

    B.J. and Jenna are gorgeous!! haha. Very great scans, thank you. :]

  2. Rashida does look beautiful in that pic but is it just me or does that dress make her look like she has a little baby bump?

  3. Wow, I always thought Rashida Jones was pretty but she is absolutely STUNNING in that photo. I need ice cream now, I’m depressed. :-)

  4. The BJ/Jenna picture is great! And so is Rashida’s picture she looks beautiful and she sounds so cool. I want her to stay and all, but she can’t be with Jim. Damn them for hiring a not only a cool actress, but writing a good character!

  5. wow i think rashidas hair looks amazing.. and i like her a whole loit more now that i know shes not dating john :)
    and yeah- bj and jenna are adorableee.. i love them

  6. I’m not afraid to say it – I love Rashida. She’s the type of girl I’d be friends with. And that little interview just clinched the deal. She’s awesome.

  7. wow Rashida looks a lot like her mom in that photo. It’s like a very tanned peggy lipton. very pretty

  8. Rashida looks gorgeous. That online boggle thing had me cracking up (the camera crew yells out words like “shark”).

    To be honest, I think that side view of Jenna makes her look like she has a little baby bump.

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