1. Cool!

    I will never be able to stay awake for that, but I can’t wait to watch it on youtube later. I hope someone is able to upload it.

    She seems really cool.

  2. I’ll be sure to record it and get it up on YouTube just like I did with Angela’s last night.

  3. I thought she did a really good job. It was cool to see that sneak peek at the Christmas special (I haven’t watched any online previews because I’m trying to avoid spoilers this season). Thanks for the heads up, Tanster!! :)

  4. Rashida was charming and fun. One of 7 kids? Did not expect that. So which Office woman is on Conan tomorrow?

  5. The video is up here!

    Denise rocks!

    And Rashida was funny and wonderful. Neither she nor Ed Helms are allowed to leave “The Office.” Says me.

  6. Peggy Lipton had two girls, Rashida and Kidada. The other five are from her father’s multiple marriages/relationships. I wonder if she’s close to all of them. Had to be an interesting life.

  7. Like everybody’s been saying, Rashida WAS so cute! But I was sorta getting distracted by Rob Lowe during the times that they showed him!! Was he lookin’ good or what?!

  8. She didn’t do much for me. She is just like she is on the show and what was up with that dress?

    Rob Lowe, however, he’s still got it.

  9. OMG!!! she is so amazing. Beautiful, Intelligent, and Funny
    John needs to get back with her ASAP

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