Rashida Jones on the radio

The Office’s Rashida Jones talked to a few radio stations yesterday:

Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS FM talks to Rashida about American Idol, auditioning for The Office, and Oprah.

LA’s 106.7 KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show talks to Rashida about fan reaction to Karen, and her new TV show, The Rules of Starting Over. (It’s about 40% into the clip.)

By the way, if you missed Rashida’s appearance on Letterman Thursday night, here it is.

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  1. Yes, I’m a tipster! What an honor! I liked the interview despite the fact that they said they liked Karen with Jim instead of our Pammy.

  2. I still contend (and no disrespect intended) that anyone who prefers Karen over Pam is reacting to their love of Rashida Jones, NOT Karen. Kevin and Bean were falling all over her ‘hotness’…they aren’t looking at character or storyline when they say they like Karen/Jim. They’re thinking “Rashida’s hot, go Karen”.

  3. I really want to know what the teeny spoiler is…but don’t want to listen to the whole thing! What’s a girl to do?

  4. it’s not much of a spoiler, more like the opportunity for us to analyze her voice and inflection as she talks about not leaving.

  5. I like Karen and Jim but not because of Rashida. I don’t know anything about Rashida; I suppose I’m rather indifferent towards her separate from her character. I think Karen is a good match, but Jim is too far gone when it comes to Pam, though. It’ll be Jim/Pam in the end, but I like Jim/Karen together.

  6. im guessing by the second one that shes going to be on the office for longer than we expected… but if so she still hasnt become a permanent cast member like ed helms…

  7. I agree – I don’t think Rashida Jones is all that, but it would appear that people like Karen because they like her.

    Karen is not the right person for Jim – she’s too clingy, doesn’t “get” his jokes, and if we can make an assumption about what happened the night at Stamford that she drove him home after he got drunk, that she schemed him into a relationship. I don’t mind if she sticks around, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she even stayed with Jim (certainly the best TV relationships were still interesting even when the star-crossed lovers had another person standing in the way), but don’t tel me she is “right” for Jim, because she’s not. She’s not “Ms Right”, she’s “Ms Right Now”.

  8. You Karen-haters crack me up no end…haha!

    Pam is a mess, Karen is not. Is Karen playing Jim by having someone from her past still in the picture?…no.

  9. hey, for some reason my computer won’t play the second radio clips. What does she say that makes you think she won’t be leaving? Oh, and what happened to “watch with Kristen” who said that Karen’s over but roy’s still around. It actually looks like it is the other way around.

  10. i love how the hosts of the first link can quote the office perfectly.
    “Jennifer Garner portrayed one on Alias”
    ah perfect.

  11. I love how people can’t understand that people would actually like Karen and support her geniunely. Hell, I just got my “Team Karen” tshirt in the mail for winning OT’s contest!

    Pam’s great, but she hasn’t won me any free stuff. True story.

  12. i think that if you are a real addict (*sigh*) then you would understand that jim is really head over heels for pam whether he wants to be or not. he obviously tried to date other girls.. when it comes down to it.. it’s not about karen being awesome or bad.. or pam being awesome or bad.. it’s about the fact he’s still in love with pam. i think the rushing in of karen left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. and they are so used to the old – i can’t have what i want pam- that they just want pam and jim to happen so badly. in the end.. if pam ended up with jim.. he would be with someone who gets him.. and pam would finally find that someone to help her get over herself. it seems to be a right match to me.

  13. RixChick–the idea that she won’t be leaving basically comes from when she outright says, “I won’t be leaving the office!”

  14. I don’t think that whichever couple you “ship” dictates whether or not you are a devoted fan of the show.

    I love Pam — I think she’s great, and I think she and Jim are going to end up together because they love each other in a fairytale sort of way — but I don’t understand why so many people object to Karen for suddenly “rushing” into a relationship with Jim. What’s wrong with being a go-getter? What’s wrong with initiating a relationship with a guy you like after working together for 4-5 months? So she doesn’t hide things in vending machines, or stick cell phones in ceilings, but I think she gets Jim’s sense of humor just fine.

    Jim: “Oh, we’re just looking for these chips for Karen.”
    Andy: “Did you check the vending machine?”
    Karen: “Ohh, the vending machines! How did we miss that?”
    Jim: “I have no idea. We went right for the copier.”

    -Watch “The Initiation”, at point 12:50-

    Jim: “I’m messing with Andy. I’m sending him to all the women in the office with just terrible information on how to get them to go out with him.”
    Karen: “I love it, I want in. Who’s the target?”

    -Watch “Business School”-

    -Watch “Cocktails”-

    Maybe Jim is a little closed off to her, yes, because he’s in love with Pam, and of course people hate her since the “Business School” deleted scene came out, but if the person you were crazy about suddenly spilled it to you that they had feelings for someone else that they spent all day in close proximity with (and let’s face it, Pam had been a little flirty before getting back with Roy), wouldn’t you feel threatened to? Wouldn’t the insecurity trigger something in your brain that made you feel compelled to sabotage your competition? I’ve done it; I’m not ashamed. It’s human nature. Deal with it.

    So yes, Karen isn’t who Jim is ultimately going to end up with, but I don’t like how people justify their hate for Karen simply with, “How could anybody like Karen?!”

  15. When Rashida says she isn’t leaving “the office”, couldn’t she just mean not leaving before the season is over? (this is based off reading the comments not actually listening to the clips).

    regarding Pam v. Karen: we “know” Pam, she’s been around a lot longer. Karen’s still the new kid. As for who Jim should end up with- as lame as it sounds, I just want him to be happy. So the only team i’m on is TEAM HALPERT. why isn’t anyone making shirts for that?

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