Ricky Gervais coming to The Office?

Could The Office’s creator and original star Ricky Gervais possibly make an appearance on the U.S. version of the show sometime soon?

Here are some various tidbits:

From The Sun:

BUNGLING boss David Brent is to return, Ricky Gervais has confirmed.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Ricky said his Brent will clash egos with his US equivalent in the American version of hit BBC comedy The Office.

Revealing his plans for the episode, Ricky, 48, said: “I think it would be funny for David Brent to walk into the US Office and hear them go, ‘Oh my god, there’s two of them!’

“We don’t need to know about Brent’s back story – the English Office exists in a cocoon and in the DVD.

“Michael Scott could just bump into Brent, who is a bloke from England.

“I don’t think we’ll take any of the other UK characters over – we’ll probably leave it with just me because it’s just too complicated.”

From Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello:

I heard an unconfirmed rumor earlier today that Ricky Gervais was seriously considering reprising his role as original Office manager David Brent on the U.S. version later this season. Too good to be true, right? That’s what I thought. Well, about an hour ago, Ricky Gervais took the stage at press tour (he’s here promoting his new self-titled animated HBO comedy) and hinted that he might do something with the U.S. Office next season.

From the L.A. Times:

As for future plans, Gervais offered: “We might do something with the American ‘Office’ next season. But that’s in our heads at the moment.”

From USA Today:

Gervais, who wrote an episode of the American Office with Merchant, would like to write and direct another one. He doesn’t rule out an appearance on the show, either as the British Office’s David Brent or Extras’ Andy Millman.

“I think that’s not out of the question now. I think the time would be right there,” he says.

He has thought of one scenario in which The Office’s Jim and Pam are watching Extras and Michael Scott — the American version of Gervais’ Brent — comes along. “And (he) goes: ‘I don’t like that English guy in it. If they ever did an American remake, I reckon I could do that.’ That would be a lovely in-joke.”

What do you think of the idea? What could some possible storylines be?