1. Well he and John are good friends outside of the show so I’ll bet they’d have really good energy together.

  2. This would be amazing, Arnett was great on 30 Rock as Jack’s competition. A move like this could keep The Office as one of the funniest shows on network tv. I think right now Parks and Rec and Community are as good or better, but they have the advantage of being newer. Please please let this happen.

  3. Bringing in well-known actors totally takes me out of the Office universe. It’s not Scranton anymore when Will Ferrell or Will Arnett show up, it’s Hollywood. I know it’s not QUITE stunt casting, but it’s awwwwfully close. :( Major dislike.

  4. I agree that using well known actors is not the best for the show. But, Will Arnett is not nearly as famous or well known as Will Ferrell. IMO Arnett is great and would be terrific in the Office. If GOB was qualified for regional manager I think he’d be a great addition haha.

  5. I think Will Arnett would be an awesome idea. He’s hilarious. I like this idea better than the Will Ferrell idea personally.

  6. What Receptionitis said. No more bringing in new characters, please! At this point I’d rather Andy get the job and angst about his love life every episode, and I am really, really tired of Andy and his love life.

  7. ENOUGH FAMOUS GUEST STARS!!! For gods sake, wasn’t Kathy Bates enough? Idris Elba and Timothy Olyphant were fine because they weren’t too noticeable of faces in the media. Honestly, I’m a huge fan (started watching around ’06) but lately they’ve been killing the show’s realism.

  8. I’ve been a huge fan for years, but I’ve accepted the fact that the show’s realism ended back in Season 4. There have just been so many times where the presence of the cameras just didn’t make sense. There was a time when something would happen in the office and the camera would whip over to it or make its way over to the situation. Now the camera knows exactly what is going to happen and where it should be looking. The show won’t be enjoyable anymore if you focus on the reality instead of focusing on the comedy.

  9. This could be awesome…or it could be a train wreck. It all depends on the character that they create for him. Loved him in Arrested Development and his episode on Parks and Rec. Haven’t liked him in much else I’ve seen him in.

  10. I really like Will Arnett, and think he could be great on the show, but I also really don’t like them bringing in well known actors. It kills the documentary/real life conceit. Yeah, he’s maybe not as famous as Will Ferrell, but he’s famous enough. I remember when the writers used to be very adamant about not bringing in well known actors to guest on the show. I won’t say this is a bad idea, but I’m skeptical.

  11. @Jimothy: I still thought the show was still pretty realistic throughout Seasons 4 and 5 (I’m one of the few who defend the ‘Michael driving into a lake’ scenario in one of the episodes of 4).

    It was Season 6 where I thought the realism had started to greatly diminish.

  12. I’ve gotta go with the majority. It seems like everyone wants to literally replace Steve. The actors have mentioned it already, he’s irreplaceable. I don’t want someone coming in trying to do everything the same way. It’ll never feel the same.

    I feel like they’re trying to pull a Bewitched on us and replace one Darren with another. Yet everyone knows it’s just not the original.

  13. @Brad: Ahh yes the famous car in the lake. I remember the boards going nuts about that back in ’07. I agree the lack of realism was more subtle early on and it has been consistently getting worse each season. What made The Christening even worse wasn’t that the cameras were on the bus, but that they were on the bus before Michael. My point though is that with all the other stuff going on, the guest stars haven’t taken me out of the reality of the show as much as the situations so Will Arnett doesn’t bug me in the slightest.

  14. Will is gold and I would love to see him on my favorite show. Maybe the new Michael? OK! Love this idea, he is so much funnier than Ferrel!

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