Ryan Started the Fire, lyrics and video

Here is the smash hit mashup, Ryan Started the Fire.

It’s not just a Season 2 ditty anymore.

Ryan started the fire lyrics

Ryan Howard, Holly Flax, David Wallace, Future Fax
Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, mustard yellow shirt

Creed Bratton, Michael Scott, Darryl’s cool, Toby’s not
Workspace, not an office, everybody hurts

Elizabeth the whore, Todd Packer, Sith lord,
Hunter, that one night, you made everything all right

Water mark, fun run, beer me, Stamford’s done
It’s not Dwigt, it’s Dwight, Stanley’s gonna be all right

Ryan started the fire
It just started burning,
Hey the temp’s still learning
Ryan started the fire
But he didn’t hide it
Because Dwight did find it

Woman’s suit, green flute, breast enhancement lawsuit
Penises on the brain, motel art, carpet stain

Stapler in Jell-O, I’m coming out hetero,
TMI, MRI, making love in the rain

Fireside confessions, valuable life lessons,
Foreman grill, Dwight’s speech, isn’t this a nude beach?

Singing a cappella, under my Angerella,
Sandals, I have worms, Utica branch breach

Borientation, sales initiation,
Chicken teriyaki, I’ll have some nagasaki

Abercrombie and Fitch, just hug it out bitch,
Do my laundry, don’t enter without knocking


That’s what she said, squeaky chair, bobble head, health care,
Sprinkles, Bandit, throwing stars, liars don’t have Mounds bars

Bleeding nipples, Carol Stills, baby picture, rabies kills,
Bob Vance, fired Roy, and a kidnapped pizza boy

Pamalamadingdong, are you a fan of William Hung?
Fire crawl, hate ball, insults in the bathroom stall

Beet farm, false alarm, women have weak arms
While today it is me, soon we all shall fall


Sugar boobs, Da Vinci Code, are you calling me a ho?
Dwight you ignorant slut, Stanley nickels, Schrute bucks

Billy Merchant, yogurt caps, hidden weapons, email taps,
Dinner party, business school, pencil fence, gimme knucks

That cheesy pita’s toasted, oh boom, roasted!
Oscar is really gay, I love Pretzel Day

Oven mitt or iPod, Ben Franklin’s lightning rod,
It’s Meredith’s birthday, I know why Oscar’s “sick” today


Watch out a bat’s on the loose, hello are you Mother Goose?
Unshun, reshun, cripples can’t call shotgun,

For you babe, complain file, keep your foot out of the aisle,
I love inside jokes, someday I’ll be a part of one

Booze cruise, broken hip, Nard Dog, paper clips
Have you seen Jan’s boobs? Look, Ryan’s on YouTube

Ed Truck is outta luck, careful Dwight’s got nun chucks,
Party Planning Committee, try my cookie cookie

Gimli – nerd, commanding third, look Toby killed a bird,
Hey it’s Scrantonicity, Pam Beesly will you marry me?


The IT guy’s a terrorist, careful don’t get Andy pissed,
That says California roll, my ho ain’t my ho no mo

Foot butter, power trip, Call of Duty, Herr’s chips,
Jail photo, Kevin’s slow, extra dough, crossbow

Phyllis flashed, Martin Nash, Kevin’s M&M stash,
Ungrateful beeyotch hotline, boy have you lost your mind?

Dumb or fat? What’s a text? Spiderface, who’s jinxed next?
Sushi bar, CIA, gaydar, hate crime

Does the carpet match the drapes? Can you make a wooden stake?
Second life, I was raped, making near-death will tapes

Mexican lemonade, the world needs a new plague,
Falling into a lake, that Ben Franklin is a fake!



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  1. OMG that was awesome! so hilarious and perfect!! i now have to rewatch it 5 times to catch everything! LOVE IT

  2. That was really cool, i loved how they had clips from every season, from 1 to just the last episode!

  3. I cannot even explain the depths to which this made my day. I’m going to have to watch it again. Love it!

  4. Oh. My. God. That was awesome- why has nobody thought to do this before now? Genius. Volunteers to type up the lyrics for the benefit of all Tally-dom?

  5. Hey guys! We’re the creators of this video and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your enthusiasm and support! Just a couple nights ago, we decided “Ryan Started the Fire” needed to be a full song, not just a one-liner. It took us a single sleepless night to come up with the lyrics and another day to gather the clips and put them in sequence. This project was a BLAST and we hope to create similar ones in the future. Check our page once in a while! Expect more Office-related videos soon!

  6. Great job Brad and Ashley! You two are my heroes!

    I adored the video and now have to watch it again!!

    Whoo hoo!!!

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