Save Wallace!

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UPDATE: congratulations to jessica, priskiller, and cara — in a poll conducted February 23-28, your icons were chosen as fan favorites:

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Thanks to everybody for participating! But remember that even though the contest is over, the mission to SAVE WALLACE continues!

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  1. Say it ain’t so! They can’t get rid of Wallace. Andy has brought so much to that role. I hope they can keep him somehow.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!! He was so cute!!!!!!! ANd a nice guy, despite his less than stellar business decisions. Please keep David Wallace!!!

  3. CFO (not his initials) cannot leave the show.

    Well, technically he can, of course. But such a sane (if somewhat ineffectual) and balanced presence will be very much missed. I, for one, will be profoundly sad if we have seen the last of David Wallace. (And very grateful to the writers and the actor for having introduced him in the first place).

  4. Something about David Wallace is just…awesome. He’s so funny even though his character was never really meant to be. He’s such a nice guy and he cares about Michael ten times more than anyone else does.

    I remember watching Crime Aid in season five and thinking “This episode is so good”. Then the show came back from commercial and in walks David Wallace and I thought “This episode is amazing!”

    David Wallace CFOrever!

  5. How can there be a dunder-mifflin without a David Wallace? Makes no sense.
    Mainly I want David Wallace to stay because his scenes with michael have been epic. from Valentine’s Day to the Deposition to the Duel to Broke- all great scenes.
    David Wallace: world’s best CFO
    no question.

  6. I’ll hate to see him go as well. It’s such an interesting character. He seems to be a nice guy, but he screws Michael over so much. It’s like he knows how the business should run, but just doesn’t have the heart to get rid of Michael. I’m interested in seeing how Kathy Bates does, but I’ll miss Wallace!

  7. Andy Buckley really brings something to the show as David Wallace. I don’t know what it is about the actor/character, but when he steps into a scene, he just adds something to it.

    And if we lose him…*sigh* I don’t even want to think about that right now.

    Forget the cheerleader! Save Wallace. Save the world!

  8. Please keep David Wallace! He seems like a truly nice guy (both the character and the actor). He is not like Jan that dived off the deep end. Perhaps he can come work in Scranton!

    Whatever happens, Andy Buckley was a great part of the Office that will never be forgotten.

  9. I agree with WiseWithWorms/TheRachel84… David is such a nice guy, and he treated all the employees well. The only time I had a problem with him was when he transferred Holly to Nashua.

    And, yes, he made some not so great business decisions. But he doesn’t need to go!!! Save Wallace!!!

  10. I know his character won’t have much use in future, so at the very least I hope we see what happens to him, maybe the next time one of the Dunder Mifflinites are in NYC he’s their cab driver?

    Andy is a good actor, though.

  11. I have always honestly loved Wallace. I think he’s a great balance between the necessary seriousness and the humor of the show…And Andy is a great actor in my opinion.

  12. I love David! Keep him! Maybe he can work in Scranton, wouldn’t that be wild, hehe. Wherever he goes I wish Andy the best of roles but please DON’T LEAVE DUNDER MIFFLIN!

  13. Save David Wallace!!! I’d hate to see him go! They have to find a way to get him back. His interactions with Michael are perfect and priceless and it would be such a huge loss to never have that! SAVE DAVID WALLACE!!

  14. We’ve been terrified of losing David Wallace these last few episodes–he’s one of my favorite characters on the show. Michael needs a good straight man, and Wallace manages to be both compassionate and firm with Michael. He’s a fantastic foil to all the silliness in Scranton.

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