Scoop from Angela on Season 2 DVD

Angela’s just posted a new entry in her MySpace blog about the Season 2 DVD:

I’ve been told the Season 2 DVD will have hours of deleted scenes that have never been shown anywhere … basically hours and hours of extras on a four disc set … It should hit the stores in September a few weeks before our Season 3 starts!

Read her full post here. Thanks, Angela, for the scoop! The DVD set sounds AWESOME.

I’ve added some “best guess” entries in the Calendar — these dates are not confirmed:

  • Sept. 5: Office Season 2 DVD released. I’m guessing Sept. 5 because DVD releases seem to happen on Tuesdays, don’t ask me why. And with Angela saying that the Season 2 DVD would release a few weeks before the start of Season 3, this looks about right.
  • Sept. 21: Office Season 3 premiers. I’m guessing Sept. 21 because Season 2 premiered last Sept. 20th.

Of course, as soon as I can confirm the dates, I will post them here!