Score one for the average guy

The OfficeMen’s Health Magazine talks to John Krasinski:

“John Krasinski plays average-guy Jim on The Office, but his approach to life is designed to reap extraordinary results.”

Nice little video clip, too!

Oh, and if you missed the scans of the printed article from the Weekend Tally a few weeks back, you can find them here.

Score one for the average guy
Video only

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  1. John is just all-round very cool. I loved when he touched on George Clooney beating him at basketball, but then refused to talk about it. Great stuff, that Krasinski.

  2. ok its official I’m in love with John Krasinski haha, seriously though, why aren’t there more guys out there like him!

  3. These little video clips of the cast really makes me fall in love with the Office all over again. I just love the cast! On and off the show!
    And John Krasinski is amazing! Cute and funny!

  4. I know we’re not supposed to make childish remarks and drool over certain people, but dear God; that man is beautiful.

  5. if only there were more guys like him… *le sigh*

    I’m just so impressed at how down to earth he is- I admire that.

  6. Mikey Likey!

    That man does not need to hide behind any clothes. I love the expressions that he makes when he talks or when he’s posing for those pictures.

  7. weird that Leatherheads trailer has not been seen yet – wasn’t that movie suppose to come out soon?

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