Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009

One of the best moments of the evening:

Other tidbits


  1. sooo just got my j-kras eye candy (thank you..haha)….everyone looks awesome!!!! #1 Show ever…no matter who wins tonight!!!

  2. seriously? ALEC AGAIN? Uncool, all the actors in SAG. Uncool.

    PS – Loving Jenna’s dress. And I turned on the TV just in time to see Steve do his little opening thing. Fate, or what?

  3. Jenna and Steve had great openings (sandwiched around Will Arnett). Sad that Steve lost (I have said before that I think Alec is more of a parrot, but I digress), but I really think we’ll win ensemble! Without a doubt, the best cast of actors on TV period!

  4. I am just getting used to 30 Rock winning everything. They are just so in love with 30 Rock.(i just don’t find it funny) It does not matter because I know The Office is the better show. Plus The Office still gets twice as many viewers as 30 Rock does, and the only reason they get half of their ratings is because The Office comes on before so….buya!

  5. Spoiler Alert.
    Update: 30 Rock won. Again. Ugh. With the audacity to ‘thank The Office for its lead in every week’… Gag.

  6. Low-balled again on both ends, I see.. It really says something that both Jenna and Steve were picked out for openings too. They’re genuine comics. The entire cast! I just don’t see the funny in 30 Rock.. Never will.

    Go The Office! Happy double-ep next week! :)

  7. What NERVE that chick from 30rock has to thank the office for the lead in! Nothing like trying to rub it in their faces…but as mentioned, we all know how amazing the office is and the actors talent is by far way better than this 30 rock business.. I mean really, the office has a large ensemble and each part plays such a defining role EACH week and it wouldn’t be the same without it. That much we all know. How the rest of the world and apparently the SAG doesn’t know, good question!

    I love how they showed phyllis’ jug clip!!! Awesome.

  8. 11. Stefanie: I truly believe Jane Krakowski was sincere in thanking The Office. Both the cast of The Office and the cast of 30 Rock have a lot of respect for each other’s shows. I wouldn’t have even started watching 30 Rock if it weren’t for Jenna’s blog! However, while I completely understand Alec Baldwin’s win, I do think The Office is the better ensemble show, but 30 Rock has recently started to focus more on their secondary characters.

  9. Wished they would have won. I loved Steve and Jenna’s “I am an actor” intros. Jenna looks amazing as always. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl Episode…

  10. I’m watching the SAG awards right now and 30 Rock just got everything, again. I swear I’d probably watch this show if everyone would quit making a fuss over it, but I have a feeling now that it simply can’t live up to the hype of winning EVERY award at ALL the award shows.

    I’m disappointed that the Office didn’t win this year, but you’re still the best to me :)

    PS- Jenna looked amazing and John continues to look awesome in his tux! Steve is funny as hell. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  11. Jenna looks amazing! Please, enough with the 30 Rock bashing. The Office and 30 Rock are clearly the best two shows on tv (closely followed by Dexter). The problem would be if any other comedy shows received the awards.

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