1. I don’t know why, but I really really really love when John breaks.

    “I think you have those mixed up.” HILARIOUS.

    And Michael’s apology videos are the greatest.

  2. Fun bloopers, especially the Mindy one.

    About the deleted scenes, does anyone know how many hours of deleted scenes there were total on the season 2 DVD set? For comparison.

  3. I would crack everytime steve carell (in michael character) talked to me…lol good stuff

  4. I love how Steve can just see John on the verge of breaking and then just trying his hardest to muck him up.

    I could go for some more apology videos! They’re great!

  5. They were hilarious! I loved the deleted scene of Michael apologizing to his mother lol! As if Pam threw the calender out…..
    Thanks Tanster!

  6. AMAZING! John breaking was fantastic! I love the Kelly scene, “I think you’re mixing those up.” hehehe

    I can’t WAIT! The bloopers and “The Job” commentaries are what I am most excited about!

  7. It’s about time we saw something from the release.
    I work at Blockbuster, and we are getting our shipment of The Office and 30 rock next Wednesday, August 29th.

    I’ll be able to take an early look at the disc and let you know my thoughts!

  8. I remember reading somewhere (courtesy of OT, of course) that JK said the carpool scene was the hardest one for him to get through this season. Since then I’ve wanted to see the bloopers of that scene, so I’m thrilled they released them!

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