Season 3 DVD Best Buy package now available?

OT reader Chappa reports the following:

Today I was at my local Best Buy and they had Season 3 out!!! I purchased the gift set for $49.99 that includes a mini-Dwight Schrute bobblehead, Dundie Award, Welcome Aboard Letter and of course Season 3 of The Office.

1. The Dundie looks pretty much like the one in the show. It is about the same size as the DVD itself and looks really authentic.

2. The letter is printed on Dundle Mifflin stationery and is the letter employees received after The Merger. It also contains 16 general rules of the office.

3. The mini bobblehead is pretty much the same as the one sold on

4. The box is the usual Dunder Mifflin paper box with a few fake stickers on them. One reads “Hello my name is Future Dwight (Level Orange).” Another is “Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica.” “Scranton or Bust” is another one.

5. Now to the DVD set. The inside front packaging is the same picture of the website. It all looks like a cork board with various pictures and messages on it. All the DVDs look like graphing paper with a paper clip bent to form the numbers.


  1. I just called one of our local Best Buy’s here and they said it won’t be available until September 4th. I think you got lucky, Chappa! Congratulations!

  2. NICE!! I will be going to local Bestbuy to see if I can sneak it early…Anyone know about South Orange County, CA??

  3. That’s awesome!

    HEHE… I love that; “Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica.”

    Lucky little thing you are Chappa… :)

  4. Sorry about the double post…

    But YES! Please give us the dirt on the bloopers! I would love to see them. ;) ;) > >!

  5. I called my local best buy and they are saying sept 4th also. I think someone made a mistake and you are the lucky one!!!! Any good info you want to share on the bloopers?

  6. yah I called my local Best Buy here in NYC and they said its not out yet. *sniff* I thought for sure being in a city this big would help me find it but I guess not. Thanks for sharing, Chappa!

  7. How did you swing that?! I called my Best Buy and they assured me it won’t be on the shelves until the 4th. I’m so jealous!

  8. I just called mine (Pensacola) and “it hasn’t been released yet”. You’re very lucky Chappa. :)

  9. I went to my best buy and they didn’t have it either. For the record though, you should never call the store about something like this and hope it’s still there. If anything, you’re most likely alerting them to the mistake.

  10. Hmmm…maybe it’s out somewhere near me. That would be nice, seeing as my birthday is September 4th and I would hope that someone is getting it for me as a present. I think I’ve hinted enough. :)

  11. In what area does Chappra live?? Not in the Twin Cities area by any chance? I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m sure if they weren’t supposed to be sold yet they were probably eventually pulled off the shelf. Chappra, you’re so lucky!!

  12. I just called the bet buy in pensacola, and they won’t have it until the 4th. I don’t want to wait another week!

  13. 7 – AgentMichael Scarn – That’s so funny! I have a g.c. for Target too that someone gave me to buy Season 3. Also, Target usually has the best price.

  14. Not fair! You’re one of the lucky ones. I so wished that here in Oklahoma we had incompetent teens working at the local Best Buy. Oh well, Sept 4the it is!

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