1. Michael’s new love?
    I’m sad Toby is leaving…hopefully not for good. I will definitely miss the Toby-Pam weirdness and the Toby-Michael dynamic.

  2. Awww! I hope that Toby doesn’t really leave. Even if Paul Lieberstein still writes for the show, I’ll miss that ‘chemistry’ between Michael and Toby.

  3. Am I losing my mind or does Pam’s wardrobe now consist of that pinky-purple sweater? Just me? Ok then.

  4. Well, the season finale title kind of gives everything away, huh? At least, that’s my guess.

  5. I kind of hope Amy Ryan plays Toby’s ex. It would be comedic gold for Michael to hit on her. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  6. I’m still not convinced Toby is the one leaving…a little to obvious…twisty finale will reveal it all.

  7. Bummer. I love Toby. His interactions with Michael are hilarious. I don’t think his crush on Pam merits leaving. Don’t leave Toby.

  8. I have a feeling Michael will hate the new HR rep too, and for no reason! She’s the new Toby!

  9. Looking forward to the season finale. The Office has the best season finales. If there is one kind of episode this show knows how to produce are season finales (the other being Christmas episodes). There’s always some kind of twist. I wonder what it is. Toby leaving is too obvious. If they can make an outstanding finale, I have no doubt that they can get back to form and make everyone happy again.

  10. Tobt can’t leave! One of the best parts of the show are Toby And Michael! Don’t Go Toby I still love you like a friend.

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