1. Yay! So excited! Hopefully that’ll make the DVD as well. :-)I was wondering why there weren’t any deleted scenes too, and kept checking NBC.com. Now I know why. Thanks for the info Tanster!

  2. Merry Christmas to us! That’s wonderful news. I loved the episode just as it was, but was looking around for deleted scenes and not finding them. Looking forward to watching this!

  3. Aw that little 10 seconds JAM melted my heart…why didn’t they leave that in the episode? It was so short but so sweet
    And I loved the whole warehouse/office contrast…interesting storyline, wish that stayed in the episode too. But hey, I suppose you can’t fit it all
    Overall the new scenes made me love the episode even more

  4. YAY! I am glad we got to see some Jam action. My favorite part was The Nard Dogs solo, I want it as my ringtone!!!

  5. Awesome early Christmas gift! It’s the first episode in a while (maybe since ‘Niagara’) that I can imagine myself watching over and over.

    Loved the extra footage, and of course the JAM mistletoe smooch was a long-dreamed-of moment for many of us. But I think my favorite moment was the Pam/Jim ( John/Jenna?) laughing during Dwight and Andy’s karaoke. Their expressions were priceless!

  6. Awww Jim and Pam under the mistletoe! Why couldn’t they keep that in the show? Oh well, it still made my day! I loved Jim saying “not in front of the kid!”

  7. Hahaha.. my favorite part was everyone cracking up during Michael’s “foot’s asleep” thing. You can hear someone laughing in the background, presumably Steve, and see Ellie, Mindy and Ryan all about to lose it.

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