1. If something happens to Jim + Pam after how many seasons now I think I’ll … … … keep watching as usual. I LOVE this show. It would be funny to see Roy back on the show though. He’s such a douche bag.

  2. They have already planted that seed with Pam’s dude classmate. No way she could leave Jim for him though. Fans would revolt.
    Glad to see David back though, he works out at my gym! Nice guy.

  3. I think this kind of thing will only make Jim’s devotion to Pam stronger. He’s NOT Roy! And that’s what Pam loves about him.

    (Did I really just write all of this about two fictional characters?? Yep!)

  4. I personally never cared for Roy as a person (not David Denman, I love him!), especially with Pam. Everything she’s done to better herself has been because of either breaking up with Roy or Jim encouraging her. I do think it would be interesting to see Roy coming back though, the awkwardness could be awesome!

    It also doesn’t worry me, the thought of him coming back, because Pam would NEVER go back to him (think Fun Run, her little voice-over about Pamela Anderson… )

  5. I saw this link and went Karen!Karen!Karen!Karen! but no. Only Roy. I’m not all that interested in him to be honest; he just seems like an invitation for fake drama. Meh. Karen, on the other hand, was at least semi-developed, and totally awesome.

    Hint, hint.

  6. There is no way she would go back to Roy… If I recall correctly in a deleted scene for job fair even Pam said that relationship was a waste of 10 years of her life. Also doesn’t David have his own pilot coming out or something?

  7. As long as it’s not an attempt to break-up Jim and Pam, I am definitely OK with having Roy back in the picture.

    Even though I didn’t care for the character of Roy all that much, David Denman seems like a great guy, and I think fans would agree that we care about the actors/staff and wish for good opportunities for them. Personally, I would love to see him at another Office Convention (if there is another one).

  8. Nothing bad is going to happen with Jim and Pam. They love each other and I think Jim knows very well how much more Pam loves him than she ever loved Roy.
    And I don’t ever see things happening with Pam’s new friend. I have faith that the writers are not going to give us another Ross and Rachel. They’ll keep it real.

  9. this just seems kind of.. i don’t know, unrealistic?
    but then again- the only reason i would want to see Roy is him walking in on Jim and Pam in a cute, tender moment… i think they should bring back Karen too if they are going to throw in Roy..
    but who knows, this could make things a little… okay, a lot bit interesting!!

  10. It sounds interesting. It would be interesting to see Jim worried about Pam’s faithfulness. The article is right it won’t all be roses and sunshine.

  11. Ugh… as long as this doesn’t turn into another dragged out Ross & Rachel-type scenario… I doubt Pam would go back to him anyway — she seemed pretty disgusted by him last time they broke up.

  12. I’m not worried. I wouldn’t be worried if Karen came back either. Jim and Pam seem pretty stable and I don’t think a thing like that would effect them.

    It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say, though.

  13. I think he’ll plant a worry seed in Jim’s head. If Jim worries, and Pam thinks he doesn’t trust her, it’ll lead to a fight, which we all know is bound to happen sooner or later.

  14. I don’t really think Roy can make Jim worry about someone taking Pam away from him, mostly because Jim is not the selfish, dream crushing douche of a boyfriend that Roy was.

    Also, I would think Jim would be quick enough to hit Roy back with a comment of his own.

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