Staples outlet sells Dunder Mifflin paper

Monday, November 28th, 2011 | 12 comments


Dunder Mifflin paperNow you can host your own authentic Office Olympics Flonkerton event with real boxes of Dunder Mifflin paper!

The Wall Street Journal reports: “Staples’ has struck a licensing deal with NBC’s parent company to launch a Dunder Mifflin brand…the Dunder Mifflin packages will be emblazoned with slogans such as “Our motto is, ‘Quabity First’ ” and “Get Your Scrant on,” well-known phrases from the comedy series.”

The Dunder Mifflin paper is 20 lb, 92 bright copy paper, 8-1/2×11″ letter size.

500 sheets per ream, 10 reams per carton.

Now available at the NBC Store!

Link: Dunder Mifflin paper


  1. 1. Middle name Kurt  

    “well-known phrases from the comedy series” … Call me an idiot, but I’ve never heard anyone say either of those phrases. Am I an idiot?

  2. 2. Adam Dunder  

    Haha! They should have been selling this all along. Such a great product. I want some.

  3. 3. Trent  

    Lol This is so awesome! As for the slogans, I’ve never heard of either one, but I do know that “Quabity” was a term that Creed used when trying to remember what his job was. Haha.

  4. 4. Sarakaya Komzin  

    I bought paper from the “Quill” guys several months ago because the salesman said they are basically doing the same thing Jim and Dwight do. So happy they finally got the Dunder Mifflin paper :)

  5. 5. Mose wannabe  

    @Middle name Kurt – According to, “quabity” was uttered once by Creed (when trying to remember his job title), but never as part of a motto. And “Get Your Scrant On” was never used in any episode.

    Sounds like another fine example of clueless corporate marketing nerds run amok!

  6. 6. Ben  

    You’re not an idiot. I don’t remember those quotes, and I’ve watched every episode at least twice.

  7. 7. nathan s.  

    “Sounds like another fine example of clueless corporate marketing nerds run amok!”

    +1 agreed

    I have watched every episode of seasons 1-7 at least 5 times, I can positively say the only “well-known phrase(s)” I have ever heard is quabity assuance when creed was offended by holly asking what his job was.

  8. 8. DunderDork  

    “Get Your Scrant On” is used on almost every piece of tourist product in the city of Scranton. I think it is more of a city quote than it is a show quote.

  9. 9. Bad Idea Jeans  

    I, too, remember “Quabity ashuance” being one of Creed’s ideas when he first meets Holly and is trying to remember what his job title is. “Get your Scrant on” is clever.

  10. 10. ItsOnlyMeredith  

    “Dunder Mifflin” is currently the #2 trending topic on Yahoo because of this paper. How awesome is that?!

  11. 11. Adam Dunder  

    They use those quotes on merchandise. I have a Dunder Mifflin shirt that says “Limitless Paper in a Paperless World.” Not sure if it’s been in the show…maybe in the background or something?

  12. 12. Mememe  

    ‘Limitless paper in a paperless world is from the episode where they get to make a commercial for Dunder Mifflin Scranton. I remember ‘quabity’ from Creed, I havent heard ‘get your Scrant on’ before. Oh, I just got it!!!! Scrant on, Scrant-on, Scranton. Clever!

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