1. Yowzers. I’ve always thought Steve Carell was a handsome man and this just proves it.

  2. Wow he’s huge. And I thought he must be getting fat again cos he had a tshirt on when they were swapping shirts in cocktails :)

  3. Wow, who knew Stevey was hiding a rockin’ body underneath his clothes? He looks secsi :)

  4. Wow you’re totally right! Now go back and take a look at him during the pilot episode. Quite a difference!

  5. Is someone else going for the Hottest in The Office Dundie this year? JKras move your lanky butt over…

  6. YUM! No wonder Jan wants to jump his bones all the time. And some wonder what Jan would see in Michael Scott. Heh:)

  7. Whoa. Steve must be working out alot lately. Remember back in Season 1, he was kinda middle-aged-chubby – sort of a Ricky Gervais look. Now, is he too studly to be the quirky boss? He’s probably a good enough actor to pull it off.

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