1. Congratz to Steve but I’m shocked at the lack of other nominations–most notably no Best Comedy!

    Californication? Seriously?

  2. But how did The Office only get one nom? WHAT?!? Pushing Daisies will be hard to beat this year. That show is really starting to explode in popularity.

  3. No Jenna or Rain noms? :(

    And I LOOOVE Steve, but I’d almost be just as happy if Lee Pace won in that category.

  4. Congrats to Steve.

    I don’t blame the good people at the Golden Globes for not nominating the show for Best Comedy. Lately, the quality hasn’t been as good as in years past.

  5. Congrats to Steve!!

    Yeah… it’s great and all, but I feel really shocked that The Office only got ONE nom….. what the heck is that about!?!

  6. Yay Steve! I wish John would get nominated though. He’s so overlooked. Maybe he’ll find something in Leatherheads.

  7. There is no supporting actor/actress in a comedy series with the Golden Globes – and since there is no Lead Actress, Steve was the only chance to really get an acting nomination.

    I’m very surprised about the lack of The Office and Weeds for comedy series though. Very surprised.

  8. To be honest, as much as I love The Office and Steve, I’m sorta rooting for “Pushing Daisies” this time around.

    I just don’t think the writing on The Office has been as strong as in the past.

    Best of luck to Steve though!

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