1. Wow! Steve on Conan tonight, then the season finale on Thursday, and Steve hosting SNL on Saturday… Yep, this is shaping up to be a great week!!!

  2. Haha, Beewcar (#4)!!! I almost forgot about the infamous “jacket”… Good stuff!!!
    (And by the way – you are awesome, tan-monster! I don’t know what I would do without OfficeTally…)

  3. I really hope Steve is okay! They just went to commercial and he said he was sweating a lot! =/

  4. Conan and Steve are probably my favorite people on television. This interview is hilarious.

  5. Steve Carell is amazing…Conan is a god! Really great interview. The sweating had me worried too.

  6. Man, I hate to be a downer…
    I was disappointed. We pretty much heard all of his stories in other interviews. Seriously, it was a great moment in award show history, but the Emmy’s were like a year ago. And NO talk about The Office? Excuuuse me?
    Conan is my favorite host, and I’m in love with Steve, but …”I stayed up for this?”

  7. Steve for president! I think I’ll do a write in vote for him, because don’t you think that our country would be amazing if Steve Carell was the president?

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