1. Won’t a certain Tanster be in NYC that night? I have absolutely no idea how hard it is to get tickets, but it would be really cool for you to be there!

    [from tanster: hee hee. that would be fun! i have no idea how SNL tickets work, though…]

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Steve Carell = my favorite comedian.

    Usher = my favorite musician.


    “Good Day”

  3. I think if you don’t have tickets ahead of time, you can try standing on the standby line for either the first run-through or the live taping. You would probably have to get there pretty early though to get a good spot on line and have a good chance of getting in. You could probably google it and find out more. I might try to go, I think it’ll be hysterical!

  4. Tanster! You must go. I’m sure someone over at NBC can hook you up with either dress rehearsal or live show tickets. Either can be a blast.

    I’m thrilled Steve will close out the season as host. I want to hear wrap party stories. Krasinski’s in town and all bets are on that he’ll be there. (Maybe even on the show in a cameo?) Major coolness.

  5. I figured they would choose Steve for the finale given Get Smart comes out this summer. I hope they can have Rachel Dratch come on and do a new Debbie Downer bit as Steve was great when they did that last time he hosted.

    I’m still waiting to see Krasinski or Fischer host. Novak would be a good host too I think given his background in standup.

    Usher though? Is it 1998?

  6. I was told I might have to sleep out front of the building Friday night if I wanted to have a chance at stand-by tickets. Unfortunately I don’t think I know anyone who would be willing to camp out with me for a whole night for a chance at Steve. Maybe if all the Tallyheads joined together, they’d just let us all in. Right? If I were Steve, I’d definitely want a crowd of Tallyheads…

  7. I knew he would be hosting the finale but was kind of hoping it would be the weekend of May 24th, when I would be in NYC. Oh well. I still can’t wait.

  8. I love SNL and when paired with Steve Carell, it is sure to have a great outcome!

  9. Getting SNL standby tickets is tough. You have to get there VERY early in the morning, bring a chair and some food, and then sit there on the sidewalk all day long. Literally. Hopefully Tanster you have some Office connections who will take pity and give you a free ticket!!!

  10. There will definitely be an Office parody on SNL with Steve hosting. This should be fun.

  11. Has Steve ever hosted before? I don’t think so. When Rainn hosted, there was no Office parody.

  12. Yes Steve has hosted before and yes there was an Office parody when Rainn hosted

  13. 18, Shunned Ryan-

    Wrong and wrong. ;) Steve hosted in October 2005.

    And Rainn Wilson’s monologue contained a nice Office sendup featuring Rashida Jones.

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