Steve Carell to leave ‘The Office’ after Season 7

The Office’s Steve Carell talks to Access Hollywood about the possibility of leaving the show next year.

April 28, 2010

BBC Radio recently interviewed Steve Carell and Tina Fey about their film Date Night.

At the end of the interview, Steve is asked about The Office:

Question: How long will you stay with The Office for? How many more series? How long does your contract run?

Steve: Contract through next season.

Question: And will you stay after that?

Steve: I don’t think so. I think that will probably be my last year.

Here is a clip of that portion of the interview:

The length of Steve’s contract with The Office has been previously reported here and here, but this is the first time Steve has actually talked about leaving.

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  1. It is probably time. I love the first couple of seasons but the last year or so has been hit or miss. I agree the show should end with Michael leaving. Maybe Jim should be the new manager or the office just closes. It was a good run.

  2. Seven seasons. That’s it. Steve leaves and the show shuts down. That’s my hope. It’s been a wonderful run, but the show isn’t what it was. Everyone has done a fabulous job. They’ll move on to bigger and better things.

  3. If the rest of the cast is signed through Season 8, I get the feeling NBC will continue the show regardless of whether or not Steve Carell stays for Season 8. The Office is their highest scripted show by a large margin, and it’ll continue to be that way next season.

    I agree with everyone that the show wouldn’t work without Michael Scott, so hopefully they manage to negotiate a one season extension to make Season 8 the final one.

  4. this is not news. apparently next season is the last season, they just have not annouced it yet. sad to see it go though….

  5. NOOOO!!!!! even though michael is completely annoying, he makes the show what it is. if he leaves i think they should write it into the storyline that he got promoted to corporate or somewhere else and still show him time to time.

  6. When would they announce Season 7 as the final season (if that is the plan)? I’d like it if they extended Carell’s contract for a Season 8 (along with the rest of the cast), but I would really just like to know what the plan is. If Season 7 really is going to be the finale, it’s going to take some time to adjust to the fact that after one more year The Office will be no more.

  7. they should end the show like they ended the british series– showing the office workers three years in the future: like how their lives are and such. i think it would be very fitting.

  8. If The Office ends I think it will be about them shutting down with talking heads of everyone saying what they’re going to do now. (like in Branch Closing) Angela&Toby join a missionary. Kelly&Ryan become backstage dancers. Jim a sports writer. Pam an art teacher. Andy goes back to live with his parents. Dwight run a dojo. Phyllis a trophy wife to Bob. Michael open Shoe La La. Creed homeless. That sort of thing.
    Or maybe the documentary runs out of money and just can’t film them anymore? Have plenty of film, and NBC picks up the show and it ends with them watching the first episode?

  9. “I don’t think so” and “probably” aren’t exactly sure things. :) It’s certainly news, and I’m sure The Office’s producers feel blindsided by his comments.

    fwiw, William Petersen talked about leaving CSI years before his 2009 departure. CBS and the show’s producers kept convincing him otherwise. So I wouldn’t start writing him out of the show just yet.

    Date Night has barely broken even domestically ($64 million on a $55 million budget) so maybe Steve shouldn’t be so quick to drop his day job? :)

  10. Lol #44 (UK Spoiler Alert) That’s how the UK version ended. I could see that happening.

    Until more details are out though, I’m suspicious about this. This could be a ploy to negotiate for more money. If they were in talks to renew his contract that would be happening right now.

    No fault of Steve, this is common practice to say you’re walking to get a better offer. The cast of Friends did this for years. Same with Law & Order. Charlie Sheen’s doing it right now. We’ll see in time but it’s far too early now.

  11. It should end just like the UK Office, with Brent(Scott) killed in a spray of machine gun fire.

  12. This is sad, and it breaks my heart, but I think it is time. I feel like the writers and the cast have mentally checked out from the show two seasons ago and it hasn’t been the same since. I hope they give S7 all they’ve got and end on a high note.

    Also, #38, I hope that happens too!

  13. I love The Office and will be sad if next season is indeed the last. When the show does end, I hope that the writers give it a proper send-off, like what was done for another “office program,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  14. If he does leave, the show should end as well. The Office just isn’t the same without Michael Scott, and I think if they tried to continue without him it would be a mess. They better finish this show properly. I’d rather it finish at 7 seasons than continue without a main character.

  15. He could just mean that he’s not sure if there’ll be a season 8…Since they don’t find out ’til later if they’re getting picked up or not.

    I would hate for the show to go..I felt like someone kicked me in the gut :(

  16. I think my life is over.

    My goal in life (I’m only 15) was to meet the cast and see the set. And now that dream is shattered. Unless Steve decides to keep going. I hope more than anything he does </3

    I recall reading somewhere that John and Jenna said they'd both stay for as long as they were needed. Rainn too, I believe. I think I'm crying.

    What am I going to do?!!?! What will I watch that I can love unconditionally?!?! Why do good things end?!?!


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