Steve Carell Week

This post lists Steve Carell’s appearances this week. This is a media blitz for his film ‘Get Smart’ which opens on June 20th.

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June 17, 2008: Larry King Live

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  1. BAWHAHA- good one, Stitious.
    I am DEFINITELY hoping to see “the jacket”…especially if he goes on the Today Show again.

    I have never been a huge Terry Gross fan, but the interview with Jenna a couple weeks ago and this one with Steve have me reconsidering…

  2. They just announced on CNN that tonight’s Larry King Live will now be an entire hour dedicated to Tim Russert, who passed away this afternoon. So it appears Steve will be bumped (if it’s a pretape they’ll air it another time, but if it was supposed to be live it may not be rescheduled).

  3. shows that the interview will be shown tomorrow night. Tim Russert’s passing is so tragic. It was hard to watch Tom Brokaw struggle through delivering the news this afternoon.

  4. #1- I wonder…

    Also, Larry King rocks. He is so cute, in a little old man way!

  5. On Larry King Live, he just announced that Steve Carell’s 1/2 hour interview segment which was taped earlier today will air tomorrow due to breaking news of Al Gore’s endorsement of Barack Obama.

  6. poor Steve keeps on getting bumped first brokaw now something else with obama this makes me go grr

  7. I really wonder how Larry King got his job since he is such a horrible interviewer. Steve looked great though. Wow he’s awesome.

  8. Yeah, I loved how Steve talked about Colbert and Phyllis–I thought that was sweet of him since it was HIS interview.

  9. The E! video just reminds me how funny Nancy is. I’ve watched nearly all the videos of her on and she’s great. I realllly hope we see Carol again on the show…perferably soon.

  10. i saw an unscripted interview with steve carell and anne hathaway, he said that he’d love to get colbert on the office as jan’s ex husband. that would be genius!

    but steve carell has to be the most humble person in hollywood.

  11. That office fan asks a dumb question! If I could talk to Steve Carell I would definitely ask something else besides Jim and Pam’s wedding!

  12. Steve is coming to Australia! And there are rumours that he will be going on the Australia Big Brother show. Don’t know if it’s true or not though.

  13. Steve Carell is so effin’ funny and not at all full of it. I love him. That said, c’mon, Steve, you’re on the writing staff, drop us a spoiler. :P

  14. Caught Steve on Letterman last night – very good interview (and he looked really cute!) He and Dave interact well, like they have known each other for a long time.

  15. The MovieFone interview was so funny! I never knew Anne was an ‘Office’ fan, but i laughed when she said her alias used to be Phyllis Vance!

  16. OMG…Everyone should go watch all of the clips on moviefone with steve and anne. So good!

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