1. steve carell, ed helms, jon stewart, and stephen colbert need to do a daily show reunion and have a round table discussion or something. nancy walls and mr brown can come too

  2. I can’t even describe how excited I am to see Steve on the Daily Show. It’s like my two favorite shows colliding. :)

  3. Yeah, Meredith was a bit of a ding dong! It seemed like she took Steve too seriously. Sometimes interviewers just don’t know what to do with him, or they don’t have a sense of humor. Man, I hope this movie does well, for his sake. Making the most expensive comedy ever is A LOT of pressure!!!

  4. I love how Steve always sweats during his interviews. I don’t know why, but it makes him more loveable to me. Hmmm… that sounds weird.

  5. haha.. i loved how the whole episode (besides the first 5 minutes) was centered around steve’s appearance.

  6. After watching Steve on the Today Show, it’s good to finally see him in a place where people GET his humor.

  7. :) Steve was pretty damn funny on TDS. I kind of wish that the servant had been Ed Helms. I would have died. And I love that Jon called Jenna Pam.

  8. i loved stephen colbert’s little transition thing, i miss even steven (steve vs. stephen)! formidable opponent just isn’t the same, sorry stephen :(

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