Super Bowl live blog

I am live blogging during the Super Bowl, but not actually watching the Super Bowl. Until something of interest pops up.

Because if you think that you have to wait until after the Super Bowl to be treated to ‘The Office,’ you would be mistaken. ;)

And remember the special one-hour episode of ‘The Office’ airs 7:30pm PT/10:30pm ET.


Feb 1, 7:12pm: some final spoilers.

Feb 1, 5:50pm: a trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens, featuring the voice talent of Rainn Wilson.

Feb 1, 4:31pm: Rainn just iPhoned me this pic. Thanks, Rainn! (Doesn’t that look like Ed McMahon behind him?)

Feb 1, 1:46pm: Rainn’s interview with Al Roker.

Feb 1, 10:58pm: sources tell me there are two cameos from The Office staff in tonight’s episode! Will you be able to spot them … ?

Feb 1, 9:09am: and the wait for tonight has begun! In the meantime, enjoy these little morsels. (Not spoilerish) Tipster: Red

[Videos no longer available]

Jan 31, 9:22pm: speaking of Rainn, you can now follow him on Twitter! Go do it!

Jan 31, 8:23pm: Rainn Wilson and Brian Baumgartner attend Super Bowl events.

Jan 31, 4:23pm: quoting completed. The quote randomizer will be reloaded with ‘Stress Relief’ quotes tomorrow night around 10pm PT. Woo!

Jan 31, 3pm: starting quote randomizer work on ‘Stress Relief.’


  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting! That is just perfect! Thank you so much. How are you going to be blogging?

  2. This post just broke my brain. I wasn’t even planning on watching the Super Bowl, but now I kind of feel like it’s my duty as an American to watch it if there is going to be The Office stuff on during it!

  3. Poor Pittsburgers. Football is stupid. There should be a SuperOfficeBowl instead. Michael could hold his own Superbowl in the parking lot.

    I’ll be watching the PuppyBowl on Animal Planet.

  4. Just FYI for us Pittsburghers, another local affiliate, WTOV-9 (Steubenville, OH/Wheeling, WV) is listing on their website that they will broadcast the episode at 11:30. It will be SO hard to stay off this here Internets to avoid everyone’s comments!!

    Here’s the link:

  5. Speaking of scheduling, my digital cable guide thing says that the Superbowl is airing until 9:30 and that The Office is airing from 9:30 to 10:00–isn’t The Office supposed to be an hour long? Please tell me my network affiliate isn’t bumping The Office for the NEWS?

  6. Just to be safe, if you have a DVR or TiVo, I would set The Office to record a couple of hours after the scheduled end time in case the game goes into overtime or NBC decides to run extra interviews.

  7. But, like, they have to air it, right? They can’t just NOT air it or only air it for 30 minutes and then cut in with the 10:00 news?

  8. WPXI is my local ABC station…oh, darn. I don’t know if I can stay up until after midnight, even for the office! At least I know what time to set my DVR! Thanks for the heads up!

    It’s crazy around here…Pittsburgh public schools are already planning a 2 hour delay Monday. Last time the Steelers won, they declared a school holiday!

  9. Haha, Pittsburgh just assumed they’re going to win and wants some extra post game coverage time. I like the line about “depending on the outcome of the game”. If the Cards win, 5 shrute bucks says the Office will start when it’s supposed to.

  10. I’m so confused, can someone please help me and tell what time stress relief will air, are they still going to air it at 10:30 or at a different time?

  11. 12. It is will be at 10:30(EST) for everyone but people who have that channel in Pittsburgh…right? That is how I am taking it.

  12. Quoting? Does that mean you saw the episode already? (I’m so jealous!) Okay, so I only have to wait a day… but still! All this hype makes me want to see it now.

    [from tanster: yes i have! the first time that i’ve ever been able to watch an episode before it airs on the east coast. :) ]

  13. I just wanted to thank you in advance for doing all of this, Tanster! I love how it’s really becoming a giant event for “The Office”… which happens to include some football game, haha. As it should be :o)

  14. I find it really irritating that the station manager just automatically assumes that everybody in the city cares more about the Superbowl than anything else. I’m in Pittsburgh and I honestly couldn’t care less about football or the Steelers. Yet again, creativity and the arts pushed aside for sports. Regardless, I’ll be waiting in anticipation by my TV at midnight!

  15. I’m not going to lie, I love the Office, but I love my Steelers too (not more, just differently).

    I’ll have to DVR it, because either way I’m going to be waaayyyy too drunk to watch it.

  16. How exciting! Is the quote randomizer the quotes that are underneath the OfficeTally logo at the top of the page?

    [from tanster: yes!]

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