My favorite comments: 1001-2000

Now that has surpassed 2,000 signatures, here are some of my favorites from the latest batch …

  • #1028: Because you could fit in things like how to really buy real estate with no money down and finally solve that whole JFK thing. That and it being on of the best shows on television argument, but it’s mainly that real estate thing for me.
  • #1034: Because if they don’t then it would be considered a crime against humanity which is punishable under the Geneva Convention.
  • #1040: Do it for the kids (except those punks down the street who are constantly running through my yard and destroying my gardenias.)
  • #1063: “I’d gladly pay you Tuesday if you supersize the office today.”
  • #1064: Seeing as I’m the first one to post from France I think you should know that people here really like your show….the ones who speak English anyway.
  • #1067: Because the longer the office is on…The longer my boyfriend watches TV…I need the quiet time :)
  • #1073: you know why.
  • #1089: Because I rely on the show to improve my managerial acumen.
  • #1106: When the supersized finale airs, I don’t want to just watch it on some TV somewhere. I want to be the guy who gives it all back. I want it to be like, ‘Hey… who petitioned for that supersized office that’s saving so many lives?’ ‘I don’t know. It was anonymous.’ ‘Well, guess what. It was Brian.’ ‘But how do you know? It was anonymous.’ [pause] ‘Because I’m him.’
  • #1236: C’mon, NBC, be a HERO (if not a superhero).
  • #1310: So the fans can smell a little more updog!!!!
  • #1333: Have you seen the show?
  • #1338: Because what other show comes up with quotes to keep the memories alive of irrelevant actors like Billy Zane?
  • #1442: I drink very heavily during the show. The longer the show, the drunker I get. The drunker I get, the funnier it is.
  • #1520: because twenty minutes a week is just not enough. i need at least three times that amount every day to keep myself sane in a dorm full of dragonball z freaks.
  • #1546: I’m so bewildered that this even has to be asked. Are you serious?
  • #1548: Because I want more toasts “To Amsterdam”.
  • #1571: I like my office obese.
  • #1720: Is this a rhetorical question?
  • #1723: Besides, this last week the show got bumped locally due to girls high school basketball. You owe me.
  • #1832: Have the producers of The Office ever had road flares stuck up their bung-holes? I don’t want to find out, but this just might happen if the episode isn’t supersized.
  • #1840: Because Steve Carell can put a cigarette through a freaking quarter.
  • #1858: Ditto everything above.
  • #1924: It would be a hate crime not to… at least I’d sure hate it!
  • #1962: The Office is the only thing that keeps my marriage with Larry alive. After the usual half-hour, Larry will immediately get up from the couch and absorb himself in his nightly routine of downing of moonshine and amphetamines. But for that half-hour, that beautiful, cushion-warming half hour, I am not alone. And if that half-hour could be extended, say, another half-hour–well, then that would be thirty less minutes I would spend crying myself to sleep.
  • #1971: Cause it’d be gangsta.