1. That is what Dwight it all about! I also love Toby showing some humor and everyone laughing. Toby is the man.

  2. I try to stay away from these previews, but this time I just couldn’t resist. It looks AMAZING!
    -“I hide various weapons all over the office”
    -“It’s better to get hurt by someone you know accidentally than someone you don’t on purpose.”

  3. Ryan knows how to pour salt on an open wound,doesn’t he? Inviting Toby,not Michael! And was that a bit of open flirtation on Toby’s part with his comment to Pam about coming camping under the stars? Can’t wait for Thursday.

  4. You try not to click, but then you do and then you try not to load the video, but then you do. And then you wanna pause it after one clip, but you can’t. And then you love it and it’s perfect! Toby for the win!

  5. The getting rid of satellite remark makes it consistent with the Money episode. I’m excited. Unless NBC made them get Evan Almighty preachy about the environment.

    (All for the environment, just not in a cheesy stunt week.)

    Aww, Toby.

  6. #16…totally agree, don’t want to see a toby-pam love connection, would rather see what would happen with a carol/toby match up.

  7. Okay don’t get me wrong, I love Toby, but I can’t stand the whole Toby and Pam thing! Jim and Pam just got together and I think they should have more time just to enjoy each others company and not have to worry about anyone else trying to butt into the relationship! I want more PB&J moments and less of the Poby moments!

  8. So…are we ever going to have another episode about, I don’t know, working in the office? I’ve been enjoying the season so far, but it seems like every episode has involved some sort of zany adventure outside of Dunder Mifflin. Are they trying to avoid repeating old scenarios? Because I really wouldn’t mind another Dundies awards, Halloween party, team-building seminar, etc, especially if it meant more subtle humor and less wackiness.

    And I agree about Toby/Pam–enough with the love triangles already! Andy/Angela/Dwight is hilarious, but I can see Toby/Jim/Pam turning into an angstfest, and we got enough of that last season. (Plus, the crush has made Toby a little creepy. Maybe Michael’s been right all along…?)

    Wow, long comment. Sorry.

  9. Dwight pulling a blow gun out of the toilet — hilarious. I am loving this season and I can’t way to see this one.

  10. “It’s better to get hurt by someone you know accidentally than someone you don’t on purpose”…have I been obsessed with this show for too long or does Dwight actually make sense here? haha

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