"Take Your Daughter To Work Day" coming March 16th

Although NBC reruns a Season 1 episode Diversity Day next week, an episode summary has already been posted at TVGuide.com for a brand new episode entitled “Take Your Daughter To Work Day,” which airs in two weeks on March 16:

It’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day at Dunder Mifflin, and Michael, who’s uncomfortable around kids, is pleasantly surprised when he becomes a hit with them. He tries to impress his new pint-sized posse by showing them a video of him as a “child star” on a local kids’ show—but, like all things Michael, it backfires. Meanwhile, Pam’s goal is to find just one child who likes her; and Stanley’s flirtatious daughter develops a crush on Ryan.

Trivia question: In which episode and in which scene has Stanley’s daughter been mentioned before?

Update, March 7

In the March 6-12 printed version of TV Guide, page 72 says:

Thank heaven for little girls. Michael puts his hatred for Toby on hold when he strikes up a friendship with his rival’s 5-year-old on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”

This just gets more and more interesting …