Talking Head Contest winners!

With over 2,100 votes cast, here are your OfficeTally Talking Head Contest prize winners:

  • Adam Lauver — Michael
    “I’m a huge fan of The Office and of Steve Carell … so the Michael Scott talking heads were the obvious choice for me. They’re just so funny, and I had a lot of fun filming them … by myself … in my dorm room … despite the horrible acoustics …!”
  • Torrey Speer — Pam
    After rifling through every episode of The Office, I found (in the VERY LAST episode) the magical Pam scene. I studied it for a good couple hours becoming a lil more Pam with each try, it was freaky awesome! I had a blast, feeling like I could be on the show for that night.
  • harveypekar — Kelly
    “My girlfriend, Cheryl, is an avid reader of OT. She let me know that the contest was going on and really encouraged me to enter. I had Cheryl gather the props (her clothes and mascara) and meet me at my own office after work on that Friday. We skulked about until everyone else had left and then scampered into a meeting room. We filmed several, a few Dwights for fun, and then the Kelly scene.”
  • Alex S. (PGP) — Michael
    “While I was filming a take, the idea struck me to actually wear a woman’s suit, so I grabbed the most horrid thing I could find in my grandma’s closet and voila! She’s probably never going to wear that again now.”
  • Donna — Jim
    “Matt is a ham … since he is only 4, I … picked [a talking head] I thought he could memorize w/o too much trouble. I dressed him in a dress shirt and the tie he wore at Christmas and sat him in front of our dining room window. I think we did four takes before he got bored and wanted to go outside and play Tonka trucks with his big brother.”

Thanks to Kent and company for judging the entries and providing the prizes, congratulations to the prize winners, and thanks to ALL who participated! Hope you had as much fun making these vids as we’ve had watching them. :)

Aside from those that won, here are some of my favorite vids.