Tallyheads report on ‘The Armando Show’

Tallyheads had a blast last night in Hollywood at iO West’s ‘The Armando Show’ co-starring Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, Ed Helms, and Oscar Nuñez.

If you have a report, please send it my way!

Reports: Ileana | Rob | Kay

Ileana’s Report

I went to the IO West last night to see Angela, Ed, Kate and Oscar perform at The Armando Show.

For anyone who doesn’t know about the show, it consist of what they call the “Armando” and a cast of professional improvisers. Someone from the audience gives a suggestion, the Armando tells a story based on the suggestion and then the improvisers perform in response to the Armando’s story.

The first Armando of the night was Kate Walsh (Gray’s Anatomy) and the second was Robert Ben Garant (Reno 911, Balls of Fury). Both were a lot of fun and the cast of improvisers did a great job adapting their stories.

Two of my favorite moments:

  • Oscar trying to order a McNapoleon and a 6 ft. hash brown from McDonald’s drive-through. It was great to see Oscar’s expression when they got the hash brown into his car!
  • Angela driving a plane with narcotics while her son sat in the back. Seeing Angela act as an angry mother was priceless!

After the show I had the chance to talk with Angela and Ed for a few minutes. They were both great!

My friend and I told Angela she made us nervous during the show because she kept moving from one side of the stage to the other with her lil’ baby bump. She just laughed and said she didn’t feel she moved as much as she normally does; but it was enough to make us nervous :)

Before saying goodbye we were able to get a picture with Ed and Angela and we left after that.

The Office really does have the greatest cast. The strike needs to end soon so they can get back to work!