Team Andy or Team Pete?

Saturday, January 5th, 2013 | 59 comments


Since so many of you comment about this already, I thought it was time for a vote. :)


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  1. 59. Jorden  

    I am on team Andy because he and Erin were always perfect together until he went away on a boat without her. I don’t know why the producers sabotaged their relationship by turning him into a huge jerk,and they obviously didn’t know what to do with Pete, so they make Pete Erin’s rebound.

  2. 58. Robert Louscher  

    Pete. Andy can be pushy, and takes Erin for granted. Pete doesn’t get pushy, and really loves Erin

  3. 57. Sam  

    I’m like writing this more than a half year after the show ended. Time really flies. Anyway, watching reruns and I think it made the show interesting and sort of realistic. Relationships always seem good and promising in the beginning. That being said Andy/Erin always had awkward moments like it was going to end. I would’ve liked Andy to have a relationship but Erin needed someone more like herself.

    Plus, if the show had another episode or season, I imagined that the woman Andy met before he auditioned for that singing show would be his new girlfriend. Carrie Dean I think her name was. They seemed to hit it off and she helped him sneak in

  4. 56. grace  

    i agree with #50 and his take on the two men’s personalities. andy is TOO OLD for erin… and way too self-absorbed, not to mention how his character runs hot and cold. in the most recent valentine’s episode when pete said he just wants her to be happy… that’s what clinched it for me. not because he’s “whipped”, but because i think erin deserves a break in life. and gabe — i know there are some die-hard gabe fans, but i feel the life being sucked out of the room whenever he comes on the screen. ugh…not a gabe fan!!

  5. 55. Robert  

    Definitely Pete. The show was 100 times better when Andy/Ed was off on other business. Early on (season six right?) there was chemistry between Andy and Erin, but none since then. Pete and Erin have good chemistry. And Pete has had interactions with other characters. Mainly Clark, but to say that he’s only ever had scenes with Erin (excluding the one in the premiere with Jim) isn’t true.

    Andy long ago wasted his allotment of chances with Erin. His trip to Florida included the hideous breakup with his then current girlfriend. Badmouthing Erin as the way to sugarcoat the breakup was enough to poison that relationship for me.

  6. 54. Matticus  

    “Michael Scott was also a douchebag with Holly” Are you kidding me? HOW!?

  7. 53. Edgar  

    Andy team FTW!!!, really after all the problems in order to go back with Erin, they will remain separate?.

    Please, give some love to Andy character… poor guy, maybe is a douche somethimes, but Michael Scott was also a douchebag with Holly and they ended up together.

    I still love the show (regardless what the haters say).

  8. 52. Extremesplash  

    Team Andy. It isn’t Andy’s fault the writers have discarded years of character development and maturing in order to set up a new Jim/Pam situation with an unlikeable unknown new character. Not only that but they have been hinting at it with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. It is ridiculous to me, Andy and Ed Helms deserve better than this.

  9. 51. forkezan  

    The only reason I say Team Andy is because Pete just feels like a filler character, just like Clark: a guy they just threw in to replace Ryan and Kelly, and for Pete to become an obstacle in Andy/Erin relationship. But now it seems Andy is the bigger obstacle in the relationship. I know Andy was originally created to be unlikeable but he has gotten better over the seasons and became one of my favorite characters but now I can’t stand him. Erin is one of the best characters on the show and Andy has been treating her badly and Pete has been treating her well, but still Andy and Erin have that history going for them…I don’t know. Maybe Erin will end back up with Gabe? Lol. Yeah let me go with that. Team Gabe!

  10. 50. Todd Smitts  

    Let’s recap, shall we?


    Immature; moody; vindictive; selfish; pines for Erin when he can’t have her and takes her for granted when he can.


    Easygoing; friendly; fun; caring; appreciates Erin; cares more about her happiness than his own.

  11. 49. Notorious PAT  

    It would seem like a cardinal sin, an irrevocable wrong to take the years and seasons they built around the Andy-Erin relationship and just toss it asunder. Would the writers really do that? They are, after all, the ones who built this ship. Now can they live with sinking it? My guess is no. Andy-Erin has too much history to be sunk by Hangover 3, urgh, I mean Pete

  12. 48. Mahovolich  

    I like the Pete/Erin dynamic as for the first time she is with someone who likes her as she is. Both Gabe & Andy have been pushy with Erin who just thought that’s how it was. Pete and Erin can just be fun, goofy & immature.

  13. 47. Ryanstartedthefire  

    Andy has been going through a rough patch with getting used to managing and his father leaving the family, give him some time and Erin and he would fall back into place. They both just need to mature a little more. That will fix it. Pete?? You mean plop? No.

  14. 46. ascribe  

    Officially Team Neither.

    With all the contrivances, reversals, and inexplicable personality rewrites the writers have killed any interest I had the same way as they did with Dwight and Angela. Andy is such a mess I wish he would just leave the show.

    On the other hand Pete is like the puppy dog who followed Erin home. He’s basically had zero character development and pretty much only ever interacts with Erin. What do they even have in common? I can’t really picture these two still together a few years down the line either.

    I think the best season ending now would be to have Erin with her new found maturity just quit and go off by herself, to try something brand new in her life, and forget all about Andy, Pete, and the rest.

  15. 45. Fundle Bundle  

    Disappointed to see what the writers did to Erin and Andy. This him going on a boat thing really killed it. I was really rooting for them since it was one of the few things I enjoyed about these past 2 seasons. I hope she and Pete end up running off to get married by the end of the series. I think they would be good to together. Andy was nasty to Erin and he blew his chance.

  16. 44. dashape80  

    #42, I couldn’t agree more.

  17. 43. Martha  

    Most of you have really good points about Andy/Erin, but I am going with Pete. Even though Andy drove to Florida to get Erin (which I was happy about), he has hurt her by being gone for 3 months and hardly communicating with her. Pete is a nice guy, accepts Erin, and thinks she’s adorable! ;-)

  18. 42. Clem  

    I’ve been a fan from day one and I don’t understand some of the comments about the writers “turning Andy into a jackass.” From the moment his character was introduced he was a jackass!

  19. 41. ascribe  

    One of the problems with these stories is that they chop and change the characters’ personalities and directions so much that at some point it’s hard to care. With that characterization it’s not difficult to imagine that a year down the line (yet) another work colleague falls in love with Erin and Pete gets dumped. I long ago lost all interest in Dwight and Angela for the same reason, too much baggage in their story.

    But I really hope we don’t see all those Andy and Erin moments over the years come to nothing, and the writers salvage what they did to them in the last two seasons. Save Andy’s character, please!

  20. 40. Norah  

    Team Pete all the way! I’ve always felt that Andy and Erin were a cute couple, but I hate the way he’s treated her this season. Plus, Pete’s a cutieee! Also if I don’t see the “finding her birth parents with Pete’s help” plot line I’m going to be very sad! Also, on a side note, I HATE BRIAN. That is all :)

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