1. I really like Pete, and one of his scenes with Erin, but Erin is my all-time favorite character, and I’ve been invested in her and Andy since season 5. Team Andy all the way!

  2. Team Andy! After everything that Andy has been through with Angela and his parents. Not to mention how much he has always wanted kids. Team Andy!

  3. I do like Pete, but I’m resisting a little because I feel like he’s being forced on us. I mean, come on… they’ve pretty much removed Andy at this point. We haven’t even seen him for a while.

  4. I’ve always felt that Erin ruined Andy’s character. They have zero chemistry IMO. Better characters apart.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of Andy/Erin. I mean, I know that they’re both great characters, but I feel that each of their personalities are so goofy and weird that putting them together just overloads the senses. Pete’s got that normal guy, average joe-type personality that I feel complements Erin’s quirkiness very well.

  6. Team Andy. Well, at least Team Andy from previous seasons. It’s like they are trying to force Pete on us, so therefore, making Andy stupid, rude and disappearing – but ignoring that fact, I still like Andy.
    It’s not his fault the writers are trying to force Pete on us.

  7. I think that it’s very much the Jim/Pam/Roy love triangle re-created, except if we had seen the Pam/Roy relationship develop first. This is being done to make an ironic point about how “Team Roy” was essentially nonexistent.

    Greg Daniels has mentioned debates among the writers about how to settle this; I think the debates aren’t about Andy or Pete, but if they really want to make Andy somehow comparable to Roy. It’s Pete all the way; just watch!

  8. Team Pete all the way! I don’t think Andy’s attitude is completely out of character. He’s always been moody and self-absorbed and, as one reviewer pointed out, while he’s great at grand gestures (driving to Florida, Twelve Days of Christmas), he’s not so great at the day to day stuff. We just haven’t had an opportunity to see this until now: Angela kept him on a short leash, he and Erin dated for all of about 2 minutes in season 6, and Jessica was almost completely off-screen.

    So again, Team Pete!

  9. Oh man I can’t stand Pete, it’s so painful to watch them recreate Jim and Pam. I personally hope Andy realizes who he’s losing.

  10. Team Andy, though I admit it’s getting harder to root for him. I’m curious to see whether he’ll be an even bigger jerk upon his return (which prompts a break up from Erin) or if he will be sensitive again only to discover that Erin has moved on. I would like to see them stay together and overcome this, but if the relationship does end, as many do, I hope it’s at least written well and does the Andy/Erin pairing justice. Season 9 feels out of place to me so far and downplays Andy and Erin’s story that had been developing ever since Erin joined the office in season 5. Pete is a nice guy, I like him on his own, but I am no more invested in his relationship with Erin than I was in Erin/Gabe.

  11. @Kristen

    Ed Helms was filming “Hangover 3”, which is why he was absent. He should return in a couple of weeks.

  12. Team Andy all the way! I really don’t like the way he’s being demonised in season 9. What has he done to Erin that’s so bad after all? Pete has only been written-in because Andy had to be written-out for a month or so because of Hangover 3!

  13. I like Pete. He’s nice, like Jim. But I have to pick Andy. After all they went through, Andy & Erin are meant to be together. I believe Andy will realize that he hasn’t been a good boyfriend for Erin and he will change.

  14. Andy, but mainly because of what he was in the past, and how much he clearly loved Erin. This season they are turning him into the bad guy sadly.

  15. Team Pete all the way. Erin is also my all-time favorite character. She did have some chemistry with Andy in Season 6, but then it started to go downhill.

    Pete was an instantly likable character.

  16. I’m Team Pete – and I love Andy. But I actually like Andy better single than in a couple – always have. I’d rather watch him interacting with friends like Darryl than to see him in a romantic relationship. Plus (not to get too psychological), Andy needs to learn to love Andy first. They don’t need to make him a jerk, just a guy who’s learning that he doesn’t need to try so hard and that it’s okay to like himself (even if his parents don’t like him).

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