Thank you, Steve Carell

Thank you Steve Carell

(Originally posted March 4, 2011, but thought y’all would like to add more messages today…)

We knew this was coming for quite some time, but it really hit home for me when I saw Brian Baumgartner’s tweets on Tuesday:

“This is Steve’s last week on set. About to film his final scene in Accounting area with Oscar, Angela, and I,” followed by “Long day at work today. Happy. Sad. Laughs. Tears.”

Rainn Wilson just tweeted “Steve Carell’s last day on ‘The Office.’ And the angels of comedy wept… #saddestdayever”


Thank you, Steve, for portraying Michael Scott with exuberant incorrectness, with shimmering shades and subtleties, and most importantly, with heart.

Michael may not be the World’s Best Boss, but you are, indubitably, the World’s Best Michael Scott.