Thank you, Steve Carell

Thank you Steve Carell

(Originally posted March 4, 2011, but thought y’all would like to add more messages today…)

We knew this was coming for quite some time, but it really hit home for me when I saw Brian Baumgartner’s tweets on Tuesday:

“This is Steve’s last week on set. About to film his final scene in Accounting area with Oscar, Angela, and I,” followed by “Long day at work today. Happy. Sad. Laughs. Tears.”

Rainn Wilson just tweeted “Steve Carell’s last day on ‘The Office.’ And the angels of comedy wept… #saddestdayever”


Thank you, Steve, for portraying Michael Scott with exuberant incorrectness, with shimmering shades and subtleties, and most importantly, with heart.

Michael may not be the World’s Best Boss, but you are, indubitably, the World’s Best Michael Scott.


  1. Thanks, Steve, for thousands of laughs, hundreds of eye-rolls, and a handful or two of tears. You’ve managed to bring Michael Gary Scott to life with humor and sincerity, an illustration of your talent as a deeply complex actor. Best of luck and may you win many tiny Dundies in the future!

  2. Oh my goodness… you just made me tear up at work! I know it’s coming but I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when his last show airs.

  3. Thank you Steve for making Michael Scott one of the most memorable characters ever to grace the tv screen. I will miss you and wish you and your family all the best in whatever direction life takes you.

  4. Steve, you are one in a million. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Wishing you a bright, successful and fulfilling future. xo

  5. Thank you Steve! You’ve brought so much happiness to so many over the last several years. Your replacement has big shoes to fill.

  6. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the show, Steve! You’re officially a TV icon, and you’re definitely responsible for many, many happy people since laughter is the best medicine. You will be missed, but please don’t be a stranger to the show!!

  7. Yes, indeed, thank you Steve Carell!! I just rewatched the DVD extra where SC talked about how he has never seen an ep of the British version and he wouldn’t because he would be tempted to imitate him rather than make Michael Scott his own character. That has probably worked out well.

  8. Thank you Steve for creating a character that will forever be in my heart. I wish you didn’t have to go but your fans and I support whatever you do. I already miss your “that’s what she said”‘s and what not. God bless <3

  9. Thank you Steve. 7 years of greatness. The show will be losing a lot with your departure.

  10. Steve,
    Thank you for the countless laughs, jaw drops from offensive things, bringing “that’s what she said” into my life, and most of all being the best worst boss ever!
    Thank you for everything! you’ll be missed severely! <3

  11. Yeah you totally just made me tear up at work. I’ve been trying not to think about it. I think most people would think I was crazy for saying that I teared up at work reading about Steve Carell leaving The Office. Luckily, I have Officetally for emotional support.

  12. This entire season has been bittersweet and I imagine so will Steve’s last episode. I can’t wait to see how Michael leaves and wish nothing but the best to Mr. Steve Carell.

    Cheers Steve!

  13. I’m tearing up here at work too, #3! This is so sad. I can’t even accurately describe how much I will miss Michael Scott and Steve’s amazing portrayal of him. Thank you for making Michael one of the most unique and fun characters and for making him become one of my favorite characters on television. You will be missed on this show. Knowing this day was coming does not make this any easier to accept. Thank you for all you’ve done, Steve.

  14. Steve, your talent is extraordinary! The way you’ve portrayed Michael Scott is amazing and you and him both will be greatly missed. Thank you so much for happiness and laughter you’ve brought me through the show and I wish you the best of luck in future projects. The show will be so different without you!

  15. Too sad. I only just started watching the show a month ago, and it’s already time to say goodbye to him. Thank you, Steve!

  16. Steve, I continue to be in awe of your acting ability, your comedic timing, your dedication to the craft, and your genuine kindness as a person. I know you will go on to do many great things and portray dozens of different characters, but you will always be Michael Scott in the hearts of Office fans…and trust me, that’s a good thing! Many, many thanks and best of luck to you!

  17. Steve,
    Through the past years that you’ve been on The Office you’ve brought tears to my eyes, both laughter and of sadness. You have brought so much happiness to my life since starting and I’m very grateful that I got to enjoy the past years watching you on The Office. Although Michael was goofy, on the inside he had a heart of gold and that’s one of the things you have in common with him. It won’t be the same without you on the show. Thank you for making us all laugh. We will miss you!

  18. Without any doubt, Steve Carell is the funniest man working today and the amount by which fans of The Office will miss him is incalculacable.

    He’s created an amazing, humorous, deplorable and delicious character in Michael Scott. I know Mr. Carell will pleasure us with lots of funny new projects and loads of hard work. (That’s what she said!)

    Thank you very much sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.


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