Thanks, you guys!

Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!

As we are currently experiencing a heatwave in the SF Bay Area (it’s supposed to hit 93º today) and my condo has no A/C, I will be spending the day in a nice air conditioned mall or cafe. With wifi, of course.

Thanks again. You guys are the best!

:) Jennie (aka tanster)


  1. I never got a chance to wish you a happy birthday, so happy birthday :) I hope you have a great day Jennie.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much for running such a wonderful website, and for sharing your love of “The Office” with us all. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work! THANK YOU!!! And I hope you have a fantastic birthday =D

  3. Happy Bird-day, Tanster!!!!

    Skip around the room, skip around the room… or the food court!

  4. Happy birthday!

    Matty and I will hoist you up on a chair at some point later today, just a warning….but we’ll be careful and keep your head from going through the ceiling :)

    Is a Fudgy the Whale cake acceptable? :)

  5. 93 degrees? That’s nothing. I’m currently in the Bay Area myself. It’s nothing compared to SoCal heat. =) Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! Also, thank you for all the effort you put into this site. You are greatly appreciated.

  7. The heat is forcing you to leave your home and go to a place where you can buy something nice for yourself.

    (Happy Belated Birthday!)

  8. Happy Birthday! Thanks for everything you do with the site. :D You’re the best!

    It’s triple-digit-weather here in SoCal. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to survive the day, haha.

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday, Jennie :)

    I do feel for you and your 93 degrees (Though I must say, I feel more for my 113 degrees I am enduring today) and I hope you find refuge in air conditioned malls and can forget the awful heat for a bit as you enjoy your birthday.

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