1. Well, she WAS asking for it. I wish my graduation had gone like that.

  2. my sister’s graduation was two weeks ago…you have no idea how much I wished that happened. so funny!

  3. Ha that was great. Even if it was planned, it definitely showed that that class was tight-knit. Awesome.

  4. If it WASN’T planned, it would be nothing short of miraculous that the entire class thought and said the exact same thing at the exact same time. Of course it was planned. That’s why it’s so great!

  5. Why does the man on the left not even bust a smile while the other three laugh. The guy to the very right loved it, but that other guy needs a sense of humor at, of all places, a graduation.

  6. I ALMOST did that in my Valedictorian speech, but then I realized that my parents probably would have killed me. Kudos to the class though. That takes a lot of guts!

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