The Bernard Boogie

Bobby Ray Shafer, who plays the one and only Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, sent me a little video snippet that he shot during the making of the Season 4 finale, ‘Goodbye, Toby.’

Here is Bobby Ray’s report.

The actors (extras) playing Andy Bernard’s parents were named Ace and Robin and they were quite the pair. I’m not sure how they happened to be there (perhaps there is a story to their casting / or not), but in any case, they quickly set about to cash in on their Hollywood opportunity and dazzle us with their footwork.

Please keep in mind that there is NO MUSIC being played when I videoed them: they are dancing to music that only they hear and this went on and on and on … I remember the director, Paul Feig, being startled by some of their “performance” questions and as it was a very cold night, maybe they were dancing to keep warm.

Phyllis got the giggles watching them and Amy Ryan was the one who said: “Someone should be shooting this!” And since BOB VANCE, VANCE FILMS is never one to let down the ladies, I whipped it out (the camera, that is), and grabbed some for posterity.

Look at Ace go. Now we know where Andy got his skills!

Thank you, Bobby Ray!