The ‘Choose Sides’ Giveaway

The Office Choose Sides Team Pam Team Karen

With all the chatter going on regarding this week’s episode, Phyllis’ Wedding, might the Pam vs. Karen clash of the cuties be coming to a head soon?

The folks over at Choose Sides seem to think so. In fact, they want to give away two “Team Pam” and two “Team Karen” shirts to the OfficeTally readers who can best express their allegiance.

To enter:

Post a comment here indicating who you support (Pam or Karen), and why.

A total of 50 words or less. Grammar, spelling, and word count matter. (Just ask Wendy and Tori.) As always, include a valid email address.

Entries only in the comments area, please, all others will be deleted. And please follow the comment policy.


Post your entry by Monday, Feb. 12th, 11pm PT.


Two “Team Pam” and two “Team Karen” shirts will be awarded, four winners total. The OfficeTally Mod Squad (Sean, Tori, Wendy, and Mosby) and I will choose the winners.

So show your loyalty! ‘Cause we’re giving shirts away to whoever values loyalty the most.