1. That actually kind of depressed me. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because I’m an art student, but jeeze. And this mockery from “motel art” Pam, of all people.

    Poor Ryan.

  2. “that is so awful, it’s awesome!” hahahaha. ryan deserves it, the little creep.

  3. That’s why it’s funny! Because Pam and Jim are so distracted by Pam’s labor, they’re saying and doing things that they normally wouldn’t.

  4. That was SUCH a Michael move that Ryan did, where he said he wrote something spectacular, performed it, and when it bombed, tried to make it seem like he didn’t write it and also tried to make it seem like he picked that one on purpose. Oh and yes, that was pretty bad.

  5. That hilarious, great clip! And I love reading these comments, I agree with all of you! I love Pam’s voice as she says, “That’s so awful it’s awesome” and then Ryan’s reaction. lol.

  6. I love when they make references to the camera when you least expect it. I sometimes forget it’s supposed to be a documentary, and for some reason I get excited when they keep “playing the part.”

  7. Lol. I just love the way Pam starts laughing and the way she says, “That’s so awful it’s awesome.”

  8. I miss the old ryan, when he was still normal and nice. There was a while when he reminded me a bit of myself, but not at all anymore (partly his changes, and partly mine.)

  9. Ryan is a self-involved douchebag and that poem was ridiculous. Pam did nothing wrong in laughing. As for feeling bad for Ryan and his “art”, I doubt even he took the poem seriously.

    #10- How do you feel Ryan deserved it, but it still rubbed you the wrong way?

  10. I thought that was very funny. Come on it would be hard not to at least chuckle at that poem. I have no problem with Pam laughing at it.

  11. I agree with you, Sara.

    Even though Ryan deserved it, I hate that Pam is “that person” now. I don’t like aggressive, slightly bitchy Pam.

    I miss Pammy.

  12. #15, I actually don’t think Pam is “that person” now. Overall I think she’s still a sweet person for the most part. She rubbed me the wrong way in the deleted scene, I didn’t think it was OOC at all. Even “old Pam” had a mean streak. I still remember when she and Jim laughed at Dwight’s sadness in “The Fire.”

  13. Can we just talk about how phenomenal Ryan’s outfit is? Is that a plastic orange watch?? Haha

  14. Cast your mind back to when Ryan threw a bagel in Pam’s face and implied that she was fat :) How about the way he treated her during the Michael Scott Paper Company arc?

    This is their dynamic. They argue like siblings and I love it so much :D

    [from tanster: well put!]

  15. #17. I know the orange watch!!! I laughed when I saw that.
    and #18. When does Ryan throw a bagel at Pam?? Cant believe I missed that!

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