1. Oh, wow, I’m sure the best way to make Pam feel comforted and calm is a conference room meeting. Can’t wait to see what the Office has in store for her!

  2. This is so EXCITING!! Jim looks nervous in the 2nd pic… aww I love seeing him all flustered lol

  3. The guy in the 3rd picture in the left corner is the IT guy. (The one who works on the computers)

  4. @ 5. Stephen Jay

    That is the new IT guy, whom I also think is the guy from ‘Job Fair’ that Pam talked to about graphic design

  5. Stephen Jay, that is the new IT guy.

    michael snot, I think it looks pretty normal. I was actually much bigger with both my kids at my delivery :)

    I can’t wait for this episode!

  6. Ahh! I’m so excited for this episode! Love picture #2. I personally can’t wait for the pregnancy jumpers to be gone. There are much cuter things they could have put poor Pam in. All she had were those jumpers in varying colors.

    Ryan’s shirt is pretty much the best thing ever :)

  7. to @8. michael snot: I’m almost exactly as pregnant as Pam, and if anything I’d say she’s a little on the small side. Definitely not exceptionally large for a nine-month preggo. :)

  8. @Michael Snot–not too big at all! I think most supposedly 9-months-pregnant women pictured on TV look too small, thus giving people a false impression of just how big you get by the end. She looks great!

  9. i love pam’s feet up on the chair! something about that just makes me giggle.

    i will also be glad to see her out of those jumpers. they make those suits that she was wearing before in maternity sizes…

  10. Is it just me or does it look like Kelly is timing Pam’s contractions? Wouldn’t….Jim be more suited for that job?

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