1. Pam speaks, whaat? ;)

    This is funny, I love Pam’s little whimper thing when she’s just staring at his nose, haha.

  2. yeaaa that was such a pam-less episode. this deleted scene was great. pam almost looked evil staring at andy’s nose.

  3. Poor Andy! I feel so bad for him in this episode because he’s so happy and just wants to have a perfect wedding. I did love Pam’s tactics and Michael tried the way he does to tell Andy and it just doesn’t happen :(

  4. Poor Andy! I feel so bad for him because he is just that clueless and has no idea what’s going on. I loved how Pam avoided looking him in the eye. I think she did the right thing by saying yes because if they all know it may not happen, why does it matter if they say yes. Great clip!

  5. You know, this is really turning into a trend – the deleted scenes have oft-times been the funniest in the entire episode this season. The editors really need to think harder about what they are cutting out and what they are leaving in, because in many, many cases they’re taking out the funniest stuff.

    C’mon Office writers. Get it. Just get it.

  6. I wish they had more time to keep this scene in the show. I really do feel bad for Andy!

    What doesn’t make sense is why does he need the RSVPs now — in January — when the wedding isn’t until 10 months from now in November?

  7. Loved how Dwight and Jim avoided Andy by pretending to be on the phone! That is such a classic office move – I’ve done it many times myself.

  8. This was a really good clip. Jim and Dwight pretending they were on the phone. Pam following Andy’s nose. haha Should have been left in!

  9. “It’s going to take me a very long time to answer that question.” LOL Dwight!

    I also enjoyed the “haps” scene, although I still want to know how Michael found out about Dwight and Angela.

  10. They should have left this deleted scene in! I loved it!

    “The haps can be terrible…” haha love it.

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