The Friday Tally

  • New cast member blogs have been updated by Jenna, Angela, Brian, Kate, and Karly (“Madge”). Lots of good reading! Siblings separated at birth, indeed.
  • Movies Online talks to Steve Carell. There’s hardly any Office-related stuff in this interview, but it’s still a thoughtful and poignant read, especially when Steve talks about finding the comedy in tragedy.
  • Los Angeles Times talks to Rainn Wilson. An article from last week about bad haircuts and the origin of Schrute-Space.
  • You guys do know that has its own Office blog, right? The latest entry recaps yesterday’s webisode. Funny stuff!
  • And lastly, a reminder that the deadline to bid on Jenna’s dress at the Clothes Off Our Back auction is this Monday, August 7. Since I probably can’t even fit my head, much less my whole body, into a size 2 dress, I respectfully take myself out of the running.

Happy reading!