The Friday Tally

  • Blogs updated this week: Kevin’s MySpace blog and Brian’s blog, which contained quite a few Season 3 tidbits that I’ve added to OT’s Season 3 post.
  • The latest NBC scheduling press release shows that the Season 2 finale Casino Night will re-air on September 14th. (And this time, it’s the supersized version!)
  • Who loves The Office? — Conan O’Brien (see page 2 of The Onion’s A.V. Club interview) and NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams (see page 3 of The New York Observer’s interview). Thanks to Stacy for the Conan tip!
  • Emmy spoiler warning: I will be posting Office Emmy news here on Sunday just as soon as I hear it, which means probably before the show airs on the West Coast. You have been warned. :)