The Halftime Tally

When you want to take a break from football today, check these items out:

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  1. its so much fun to see everyone branching out to other projects

    (as long as theyre still on the office. thats all that matters.)

  2. i live in Columbia, SC which is about an hour and a half from where they are shooting the movie so hopefully one weekend me and my other office friends will take a road trip and try to find him! wish us luck :)

  3. The video with Jenna as a witch is very interesting and creative.
    Kinda makes me think of how Pam needs a bit of a makeover. Cause ya know, Jenna tends to look way prettier without all the Pam-ness.

  4. When Jenna says “If I don’t get money soon I’m gonna loss my shoe”, I almost lost it. HA HA HA HA

  5. dean.. read expand the information on the right of the youtube page.. it says that she did it before she got cast as pam, but she had already auditioned.

  6. Does the kid who won the Office interm, have his “Office” school video project on Youtube?

    I’d love to see it!!!

  7. I can’t believe that kid got an internship!! I’m a TV production major and I would give my right arm to get an internship on The Office. I am so jealous, he is so lucky. I hope he appreciates it.

  8. Even with John’s hair slicked down and a pair of nerdy glasses on, he still manages to make me smile. Did anyone else think that his line in the trailer, “So what? You want 500 dollars?” was hilarious???? I watched it like four times and laughed every time! Looky at our Jim Halpert, growing up and acting in stoner movies! Awww…

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