1. Good scene, but the ones they kept are better. The editing on this episode was sharp.

  2. haha.

    Home is where the hardest. I love Michael Scott.

    gosh. these next couple of months are gonna take forever.

    Anyone else also a fan of Scrubs?

    I watched both episodes back-to-back.

    I got up from my couch and was just in such a euphoria of good-feeling from good writing.

    Thank you NBC for putting on stuff thats worth watching.

  3. He did say gluetooth. Ha! “A . . . multi-vitamin”? Yeah, good scene. Scenes, actually.

  4. Hah! I thought he said “gluetooth,” too. I even mouthed it, like when Pam whispered “Pan” in The Injury. Glad to know I’m not crazy. I’m glad they cut that part of the interview–it’s just painful to watch Michael screw up that badly–but I think I would have preferred the office scene afterward to stay in the episode. I was wondering at the time why Michael didn’t let everyone know that the CFO fired Jan.

  5. Season 4 starts sometime in September. Season 3 DVD’s also come out at that time.

  6. oh! and they posted the last couple of minutes of the show last night. the caption under the link reads: Pam and Jim start a new chapter.

  7. Anyone know of a downloadable “Schrute Buck”? Or do I have to earn one in order to get it?

  8. Man he nearly pulled that off! “My point is, the future is now, and I am the future of this company.” If he hadn’t come across so well I was going to say weird, but if he hadn’t been himself, that line might have worked. Great scenes.

  9. @quickquestion

    “do you have any idea when season 4 starts?”

    Filming starts in August. I’m expecting a September start

  10. I have a question that doesn’t have anything to do with the deleted scene. Jan’s assistant Hunter. What show did he used to be on? I’ve tried looking him up on IMDb and Wikipedia but he’s not credited. I think he was on an old Nickelodeon show called Fifteen, but I have no way of finding out. It’s kinda driving me crazy. If anyone knows please tell me. Thanks.

  11. 2 | Corey – I’m a huge fan of Scrubs, but I haven’t watched yet.

    That scene was so great. David did an excellent job hiding his displeasure/dismay/disdain for Michael. The multivitamin thing had me in the floor. This is why we love Michael Scott.

    I especially loved what Michael did after Jan stormed in and yelled at David Wallace. “I didn’t tell her.” OMG, I really thought he’d be fired for all of that nonsense. So dang funny.

  12. Corey – I watched Scrubs also, I hope Elliot and JD are happy like Jim and Pam are.

  13. quickquestion

    The NBC site says the new fall season begins Monday September 24th putting the season premeire date at the 27th.

  14. Melissa (#13): Looking at the closing credits, and cross-referencing with IMDB, I see that Hunter is played by Nicholas D’Agosto. IMDB has him listed as a guest star on a number of TV shows, including ER, Six Feet Under, House MD, Without a Trace, etc. He will also appear in the movies Rocket Science and Drive-Thru coming out later this year. I don’t see any reference to Fifteen, but maybe the list is incomplete.

  15. Hey folks – it’s 5:22pm EST and clip # two is up but there’s a “connection error” on my computer. It’s a scene with Pam and Kelly, so surely it is hilarious.

    The actor who plays David Wallace is brilliant!

    I’m going to Scranton tomorrow – woo hoo!!

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