1. Oh, first comment!

    Aww…did toby get a haircut?

    I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m glad some of the cast came to support Rainn.

  2. i could not resist being the not-quite-first comment. Rainn looks sharp! and Paul…is he not the most adorable man?
    It is a rare thing, in any situation, to really enjoy those you work with and it is obvious these guys really do. that is just so great and i think it makes them all the more loveable.

  3. Yea movie premiere! Dwight looks snazzy! :)

    On a sort of unrelated note, I’ve FINALLY decided on a word that describes John K –

    debonaire:: adj. 1. courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm 2. having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air

    Oh, my debonaire Halpert!

  4. Power Rainn! and what a supportive cast; so cool of them to be there for him. Just wait until Blades of Glory comes out!
    …I can’t help but think that debonaire is an adjective reserved exclusively for the description of Fred Astaire. The definition seems so John though!

  5. I met John, Rashida, Paul, Brian & Oscar at the premiere and they couldn’t have been nicer! I swear The Office cast is the most down to earth group of people EVER. When my friend and I were leaving the theatre, Rashida started singing along to The Last Mimzy song (Hello (I love you)) that was playing during the credits…she’s beyond adorable! And John is seriously a giant…a really hot giant. ;)

  6. Thanks for the pics! I am really looking forward to watch this movie. It’s so cool the cast came out to support the movie. Hopefully, there will be more office-ites to support Jenna’s movie next week.

  7. I TOTALLY agree, super perfect-PL is so stinkin’ adorable, it’s ridic! Love to see him smile!

  8. Oh they are so supportive of each other! it’s so cool!
    I really want to see that movie. it looks very good plus Rainn is in it=D

  9. Rashida Jones is the most gorgeous person on this planet

    Jenna looks prego in the pic below

  10. I just love how close this cast is. They are beyond supportive of each other.

    Jenna Fischer continues to be my favorite person :) She’s just so friggen cute!

  11. KarentheJimSlayer-

    What a bonus to meet so many of the Office cast. Were you hoping/expecting to see them at the premiere? Also- the burning question- did John and Rashida seem to be a couple or were they all there as a big group of friends?

  12. I knew someone would ask about John and Rashida. Not that I was there, just throwing out my two cents.

    Does anyone remember that episode of Friends where Joey said that if two actors don’t have any chemistry on stage, it means they have actual chemistry offstage?

    Jim and Karen are about as chemistry less as my liberal arts degree.

    So…mystery solved.

    I like those two (John & Rashida).

    I want them to go and make beautiful babies together.

  13. This looks like a fun movie to take my 11 yr. old son to. I just hope he doesn’t yell out “It’s Dwight!” in the middle of the theater.

    Angela and Rashida look so lovely in the top pic. All the guys are adorable and Rainn looks so dashing in his suit and tie.

    Corporate Booty – In the top pic it looks as if Jenna is wearing a cape type wrap, they make anyone look pregnant. I think she looks really cute as usual.

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