1. I feel like they’re trying to bring some of that awkwardness back into the office and Erin’s character is perfect for some of that, but they keep cutting it. :-( She’s been there for what, at least six months, and her character still has somewhat of that “brand new” feel. I wish that they would develop her a little bit more.

  2. Did pregnancy and marriage change Pam completely? Two seasons ago, maybe even last season, I wouldn’t have imagined Pam responding like that. Do I miss the old Pam, or should I applaud the new one?

  3. When they first introduced Erin I was completely “meh” and figured we already had too many characters to give screen time to, why add another?

    But she is so endearing and sweet, I’m totally warming up to her. Her innocence is really refreshing, considering so many other characters on the show are so crazy and/or jaded.

    Now for deleted scene number two, can we find out where Ryan got his hat? Pretty please?

  4. Pam is pregnant and Michael Scott is dating her vulnerable, recently divorced mom. So yeah, I would expect Pam to be pretty ticked off and emotional.

  5. Erin is so cute. I wish they would stop cutting all her scenes, but in this episode I honest can’t think of a scene that should have been cut to keep this in. I don’t think Pam was being rude.

  6. Aww poor sweet Erin! Just tryin’ to fit in
    It’s nice to have deleted scenes, but she deserves more air time. They’re cutting her from every episode. I wish The Office episodes lasted an hour. Oh well.

  7. Ditto to all the above comments. Why do they keep cutting Erin’s scenes? I’m starting to really like her character. I realize that time is always an issue but I think that would have fit very well into the episode. But then again who knows what we would have ‘lost’. Hmmm

  8. 2nd deleted scene is up! it’s not on the front page, but if you go to watch the episode, there’s another clip in the “chapter selection”. it’s more of pam’s freak-out!

  9. I really didn’t like this episode at all! Pam’s over-reaction was way out of character. I only laughed at the mallard story line… I also wish they would stop cutting Erin’s scenes, I think they’re good!

  10. God, the Halperts. That makes me twitch. But Erin is so sweet and naive, I’m actually pretty glad they brought her in (although I do miss Pam as the receptionist… and Jim in sales). I wonder though, do you think the picture is still ruined? Since they cut the scenes where she wrecked it.

  11. That scream was amazing! but I’m glad that sock scene was cut I found it too disturbing to be funny.

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