1. That clip was great! Andy and Dwight “killing” each other over and over was funny enough, but when poor Jim relents and puts his head down to die, I cracked up. Then he has to hear Charles say “Jim’s taking a nap.” Pooooor Jim!

  2. My goodness, I absolutely cannot find a single thing to like about Charles… he just makes me angry every time he’s around!

  3. How is it that Michael’s shenanigans don’t bother me- Phyllis’s Wedding cracks me up, The Deposition- hilarious, the Roast? I cried it was so funny. But I couldn’t watch past Jim putting his head down, because it physically pained me knowing Charles was going to walk by.

  4. Haha! Andy and Dwight reminded me of two hyper little boys, unable to settle down to do their schoolwork and getting their classmate in trouble because of it. As soon as Jim laid his head down, I knew what was coming, but Andy’s “Tuna” at the very end made me laugh so hard.

    Great scene!

  5. Good for Pam! And I love how Michael launched into his “Fat Albert” routine. It was like the early Office again!

  6. I love the little brother dynamic they have given to Pam/Ryan.

    I love the Dwight/Andy bromance.

    I am NOT loving the whole Jim saga – I am unspoiled so I have no idea what’s in store for Jim but in this case… the end certainly does NOT justify the means :(

    You can’t mess with Jim, the people won’t stand for it!

  7. “Hey, screw you!” NICE! She’s not “Fancy New Beesly” anymore… she’s “SASSY New Beesly!”

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