‘The Office’ 2009 Calendar Giveaway

Yes I know we’re already in February. :)

I found a pile of 2009 calendars under the bed that I’d like to give away.

Calendar giveaway #2

The Office CalendarPRIZES: Four DVD wall calendars
STATUS: Contest held Feb. 22; now closed
WINNERS: Sylvia, Arden, Jaimie, and Mike

Final giveaway coming soon!

Of all the characters who have appeared on ‘The Office’ in previous seasons (but have not appeared in Season 5), who would you most like to see return, and why?

20 words or less.
Spelling and punctuation count.
One entry person. Multiple entries will disqualify you.
Provide a valid email address.
U.S. entrants only.

Contest is closed to new entries Feb. 22, 9pm PT. Four entrants will be randomly selected to win a DVD wall calendar.

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  1. My favorite season five episode is hands down “Stress Relief”. This episode had the perfect blend of story and comedy.

  2. My favorite Season 5 episode of ‘The Office’ is “Customer Survey”.

    Why? 3 words: aggressive, hostile, and difficult.

  3. Lecture Circuit Part 1 hands down. Memories of Business School with Mounds bars. “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?”

  4. “Customer Survey”. Jim/Dwight, Jim/Pam, bluetooths, mugs! “What do you think I’m saying to you”

  5. My favorite was “Business Trip” I think. Something about Andy and Oscar being friends and Michael telling Wallace off…

  6. My most favorite of this season was Lecture Circuit (Part 1), because of “maybe loose the shirt underneath.”

  7. Lecture Circuit Part 2, no question. One of the best episodes of The Office, maybe ever. I watched it at 1am and, just like Kelly Kapoor, I was too excited to sleep!

  8. Tough choice! My favorite episode was Weight Loss because of Holly and Michael’s interactions and Pam’s laptop talking head.

  9. “The Duel” because Andy and Dwight’s attacks were priceless. And Dwight’s nursery rhyme. And giant heads and beet-stained teeth.

  10. My favorite is “Business Trip,” for the parking lot scene with Jim and Pam, and Michael’s talk with David Wallace.

  11. Stress relief has to be my favorite because of the cold open and “BOOM, roasted!” Need I say more?

  12. Baby Shower

    I died of laughter when 1. Jan sings “Son of a Preacher Man” to Astrid and 2. Michael calls Astrid, “Astird”

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