The Office 2012 calendars

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 | 5 comments


Here are The Office wall and desk calendars available for 2012.

The Office 2012 Wall Calendar
‘The Office’ 2012 Wall Calendar
Buy at: |

The Office 2012 Mini Calendar
‘The Office’ 2012 Mini Wall Calendar
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The Office 2012 Quote of the Day Calendar
‘The Office’ 2012 Quote of the Day Calendar
Buy at: |

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  1. 1. AlyCarell  

    so sad that this calendar WON’T have Mr. Carell in it. Just one little pic up in the corner would make my month. :)

  2. 2. AlyCarell  

    i am mistaken, the box has a pic of Mr. Carell. :D

  3. 3. MGBBF  

    He actually isn’t on the box calendar cover, sadly.

  4. 4. Robert  

    Shouldn’t the 2012 calendar be season seven quotes? If so we’ll get plenty of Michael even if he’s not on the box. And isn’t the sample quote from season six and Niagara? Color me confused.

  5. 5. Trent  

    Haha just got it recently! And yes, it has Season 7 quotes and plenty of Steve!

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