The Office: After Hours, 8.16

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The Office: After Hours Dwight Schrute Nellie Bertram Todd Packer

Writers: Halsted Sullivan and Warren Lieberstein
Director: Brian Baumgartner

Summary (NBC): Andy makes the office stay late — in Tallahassee, Dwight and Packer compete to become Nellie’s VP, and Jim gets an unwelcome visitor in his room. Meanwhile, Andy makes everyone in the office stay late to cover for the people that went to Florida. Guest stars: Catherine Tate, David Koechner.

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In a poll conducted February 23-27, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.18/10

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The Office After Hours quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Angela: Newsflash! If you didn’t carry it around in your belly for nine months, it isn’t your kid.
Pam: Exactly.

Oscar: The world just needs more Pam-Jim DNA. Thank you, no.

Oscar: Un. Be. Liev. Able.

Dwight: Dwight, VP. Dwight, VP. Dwight, VP.

Dwight: English people’s main use today is judging American talent. They’re mean. But they’re incisive.

Nellie: I’m not allowed to say it’s mandatory. So let’s just call it compulsory.

Cathy: Maybe we’ll see the real Talla-Nasty we’ve been hearing so much about.

Andy: Ball droppings can be beautiful. For example, when it turns an awkward soprano into a rich full tenor.

Dwight: Genghis Khan could take them both down ’cause he’s not afraid to kill children.

Ryan: I will have a glass of your oakiest Chardonnay, please.

Ryan: You come with me. We’re going to get you that waffle.

Packer: The cowgirl has chosen her saddle.

Dwight: If anyone’s having sex with Nellie for personal gain, it’s me.

Dwight: Anyone can tie a knot. The real skill is in untying it.

Stanley: Careful, Jim. It gets easier and easier.

Ryan: Nobody knows more than you. Especially me.

Ryan: Shut your beautiful, beautiful mouth, please.

Kelly: Three dots means “to be continued,” four dots is a typo, but five dots means “Woah. Do not make me say what I want to say, baby, but if I did, it would blow your mind.” Dot dot dot dot dot.

Darryl: Puts me in an insane asylum just thinking about it. I’m stranded on Shutter Island over here.

Nellie: You look like Ed Harris. If they stretched him a little bit.

Dwight: You want to see a picture of me trapped under a tree?

Gabe: You have to call me by my name. Gabriel Susan Lewis.

Dwight: Our biggest attraction is our 200-year old mattresses.

Dwight: I am going to generate myself into a human trap.

Dwight: Such a chorus girl.

Cathy: Is crazy gone?

Gabe: They don’t make these cords in boot cut anymore.

Dwight: A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present.

Ryan: Six months? Okay, I’m in love with Kelly.

Dwight: Win at all costs. Don’t respect women.

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