The Office: Angry Andy, 8.21

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The Office: Angry Andy

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Claire Scanlon

Summary (NBC): Andy returns to the office to quite a shock — Andy returns from his romantic quest to find his manhood in jeopardy. As he and Nellie duke it out over the manager’s chair, co-workers share unwelcome advice on how to… perform. Meanwhile, Kelly is torn between the perfect man and not-so-perfect Ryan. Guest stars: Catherine Tate, Sendhil Ramamurthy.

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In a poll conducted April 19-23, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.84/10

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The Office Angry Andy quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Phyllis: Everybody’s being so nice to me today, I’m really happy being here.

Andy: What happened to ol’ Salty?
Dwight: Nellie let me bobblize him. His name is now Captain Mutato.

Dwight: I’ve written quite a bit of X-Men fan fiction. Captain Mutato is half man, half mermaid. So he can fight crime as a man, and make love as a mermaid. Most of my writing involves the latter.

Ryan: Also, little tip, never shake the baby.

Ryan: Her new boyfriend seems awesome. If you’re into Indian people. I’m not.

Ryan: I’d rather she be alone than with somebody. Is that love?

Robert: Buffett operates the same way.

Erin: Hey, we’re going to have a nice, hot date.

Erin: I was definitely not my normal sexy self.

Ryan: All I remember is how pretty you looked taking those pictures of me.

Erin: I don’t know what the technical term is. Penial. Softiosis.

Dwight: Washington Monument. Eiffel Tower.

Kelly: He pointed to my latte and he said, “Kelly, that will be the color of our children.”

Dwight: A good informer doesn’t judge what’s worth passing on.

Nellie: I just wanted to take the man’s job, not his manhood.

Nellie: “Take a man’s job, but leave him his balls.” Margaret Thatcher said that. Probably. Don’t know. Don’t read. Didn’t see the movie.

Creed: How old? Jinx, buy me some coke.

Gabe: Erin doesn’t even like sex. Remember? You said it feels like getting tackled by a skeleton.

Creed: Haven’t heard any complaints. Wouldn’t care if I did.

Gabe: They say prostate stimulation can help.

Dwight: You know my rectal-electro-ejaculator is rated for bovine use only, but I could let you rent it.

Toby: HR’s a joke. I can’t do anything about anything.

Nellie: Small, bigger, biggest. Sexual innuendo not intentional.

Andy: Dad, go to hell, I’m taller than you!

Darryl: He does not like that wall.

Erin: Maybe we’ll get sent to anger management together.

Ryan: That’s your opinion and it’s her opinion, but it’s not my opinion.

Nate: Just having known you a short time, Brian, I prefer Ravi.

Ryan: Our love scares them. It screws up their cookie cutter world.

Jim: It’s good to see Kelly maturing.

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  1. Ah, anger management-hearkening Andy, we hardly knew ye…which is why it’s fantastic that they’re apparently going to pursue the titular storyline as a GvE battle (Nellie is the Evil, natch). And everything I’ve heard about the Kelly-Ryan story is very promising, from the riff on them as Ronnie-Sammi to just how very and honestly pitiful Ryan looks like next to someone who’s not a complete loser.

  2. This episode sounds extremely promising…though I didn’t expect them to name an entire episode after “Angry Andy”, but still, there are some awesome plot lines that I’ve been looking forward to in this episode!

  3. Sounds great! Not real thrilled about Nellie still being there though but at least Andy will finally get a starring role again.

  4. This show HAS GOT SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER! I miss Michael Scott as much as the next tallyhead, BUT this show has the greatest cast ever assembled that the storylines and humor could be endless! I can’t wait for the NardDog to get back to his ANGERED past!

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing Andy “lose his freakin’ mind”. It’s been a while. I still find it utterly ridiculous that Nellie could just steal his job, however.

  6. Hopefully we will get to see Erin launching Angry Andy at Nellie with a slingshot. Weeeeeeeeee! :-)

  7. I love Pete’s enthusiasm about Erin and Andy. I also love them although I know the writers didn’t handle their relationship well.

    I guess the “Welcome Party” episode will happen when Andy is still on the road trip.

  8. @9
    Thanks Lita! Unlike JAM, Erin and Andy as a couple is all about the will-they-or-won’t-they kind of awkwardness. It is hard to imagine them having a romantic closure.

    George, I hope Andy does not resort to that kind of violence. It would be more fun for the office to scare Nellie away with antics. :-)

  9. Honestly, Nellie is a terrible fit for the flow of the show. I know her character is supposed to be awkward, but she dries up every scene she is in. She’s not a good fit, and I sincerely hope they drop her role.

  10. @11
    Pete, I actually want to see how the Andy and Erin relationship works out, they were quite funny in “Happy Hour”. I hoped it would work out longer than Season 6.

  11. I hope this means that Andy gets fired (or at least asked to step down as manager). I hate Nelly AND the new Andy. We need somebody new as manager. Somebody actually funny.

  12. I rather keep Andy as a manager (like I did with Michael) than some other power-mad idiot over the face of the earth (including Dwight and excluding Jim, maybe).

  13. If they want someone competent as the new manager, they should simply promote Jim.

    If they want someone hot, they should dig up Charles Miner (the man-crush-worthy Idris Elba).

    I guess Andy is not bad, but if Ed Helms is not staying around…

    They may as well make Erin the new manager. She may think a supply chain is literally a chain but it will be funny.

  14. I don’t think Jim is ever going to be manager, because Paul Lieberstein has said that Jim’s character didn’t really work in the manager position in Season 6, and also, John Krasinski has said that he doesn’t want Jim to be manager, as he’s more fun as a slacker employee. I think Andy is the best choice as manager. I can’t see Nellie lasting, she’s too crazy, and being from the UK, I’m not sure how things work in the US, but how she went about getting the job can’t be legal!

  15. @18 Jessie, I think you are right. Let’s hope that Ed Helms stays on the show. I used to like Nellie but that is wearing off.

    (I do enjoy watching Jim being a slacker! That is really cute with Pam. The co-manager bits in Murder was really good though.)

    Andy appeared to be manning up in Welcome Party. Hopefully we will see more growth in him as the manager.

  16. I already hate this episode. Nellie has ruined this series. This might be the last episode for me.

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